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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little Jumping Beans is a shop started by a stay at home mom named Jaimie who lives in Calgary Alberta. Jaimie started her company in January 2009 with the idea in mind of designing soft soled shoes for babies and toddlers at a much cheaper price then brand named shoes. I started browsing through Jaimie's etsy shop and loved the designer shoes she was creating. I received in the mail a beautiful pair of boy's soft soled shoes made with two coordinating fabrics, Ta Dot in evergreen by Michael Miller and Traffic Jam by Alexander Henry. I thought these two materials looked great together. Soft soled shoes are great for babies and for those little growing feet. Pediatricians recommend soft soled shoes because they allow the foot to move as naturally as possible.


What I look for in soft soled shoes; flexibility in the shoe, traction, toe box and the breath ability of shoes, especially for babies.

Flexibility: Little Jumping Beans soft soled shoes are very flexible, allowing your child's feet to bend easily. This is important because your baby's feet grow quite rapidly the first few years. From the time they first learn to crawl to when they start taking steps, flexibility makes a difference. I find if a shoe is too rigid, my little guy refuses to stand.

Traction: The bottoms of their shoes are fully lined and have a white grippy dot bottom. For my little guy traction in shoes is very important as we have hardwood and tile in our house. The last thing you want when your baby is learning to stand is him slipping and falling.

Toe box: What I mean by toe box is the top of the shoe. Little babies need lots of room for their chubby toes to move. It's important for them to have flexibility in the toe box area to wiggle their toes around. Funny enough their toes grow rapidly also. It's not a good shoe if it squishes their toes. Little Jumping Beans shoes are very flexible; just make sure you get the right size.

Breathability: Many people think leather is the best shoe for breathability, I can't comment on that since I am not an expert but what I can say from experience is that Little Jumping Beans fabric shoes are perfect. I took them on my vacation to Maui and they worked great. I used them as slippers without socks due to the warm weather. I thought this was a perfect alternative to provide sun protection to my little guy's feet.

Jaimie at Little Jumping Beans was very pleasant to talk to, and was very accommodating. She answered all my questions about sizing and offered to make custom shoes for my son. This etsy shop has great customer service. When I received my little shoes in the mail, they were wrapped in a nice plastic with a little thank you card as a personal touch. Those little extra things are what separate Little Jumping Beans from other shoe companies.

I highly recommend these soft sole shoes to anyone.

Little Jumping Beans has agreed to participate in a giveaway and will be giving a $15.00 gift certificate to our readers.


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cindylouwho2 said...

She does such cute work! Great review

Angela said...

I bought a pair of shoes from Little Jumping Beans and absolutely love them. The owner was a pleasure to deal with and the shoes are great!

Toni Plouffe said...

I love little jumping beans shoes!

Joanne Lemer said...

I love her shoes, I haven't bought any yet but will be checking out her site!

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