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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Every mom loves bib's !  Bibs are the greatest invention for babies and toddlers.  We like to keep our little ones clean, and makes for less laundry and staining.  What's great is that Paisley Baby has many different fabric choices.  I like that they're lined with terry towel. Keep visiting because Paisley Baby will be taking part in our giveaway for the month of July!  You can also find them in both our Fabulous Site and Great Product section. You've probably noticed Paisley Baby has been on our website a few times before, well that's because we love their products and will continue to post many of their new items as they appear in their shop at .

Terry Bib in Pirate Party

If your looking for really nice burpies so you can look like the most fashionable mama, look no further White Satin Ribbon has made some very beautiful trendy "burpies".  They will also be participating in our July giveaway so stay posted to see what item they will be posting. What sets all of these shops apart from mainstream is that they have the greatest choice of fabrics !

Groovy Chick Trio of Burpies HOT PINK

If I had a daughter , I would be buying all sorts of hair accessories. I think little girls look adorable in pig tails especially when they have cute little bows and barrettes in their hair.  Makes every mama proud. This Etsy shop is also participating in our July giveaway, so stay posted to see all the other cute accessories they make.  I will be posting new stuff throughout the month of June on all these great shops.  I won't lie, I love Etsy.  I love that their is so much variety in the items you can purchase and that you have the option to customize certain items.  You would never be able to do this at a regular boutique.

All Types of Hair Clips Sampler - Hair Clip Grab Bag - set of 6 - FREE SHIPPING

And, of course I have to talk about our own bib set made by TinyWiggles.  We think it's a great value and would be a great gift for any new mama. It's all inclusive, the set includes all the things you need when your baby starts eating solids - you've got your bib, your washcloths, and your burpies.  Who could ask for anything more.  We love the material and hope you love it too. We have lined everything with terry towel. I found as  a new mom that it works the best for absorption and it's very functional!

Bib, Burp Cloth and Washcloth Set


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mchen said...

Lovely picks :) I have bought a few times from Paisley Baby � love her fabrics, and everything's so well made! Nice shout-outs to some very talented folks...

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