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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Please check out our sales at on selected items. There are great savings to be had!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Xmas Special

Friday, December 10, 2010

Our famous burpcloths are finally on sale. Sets of 2 were regular $13.50 are now $10.00 for 2. Our burpcloths are made with designer fabric and terry cloth backing or minkie backing for your babies delicate skin.

We are excited to be introducing some new products and a new line coming the New Year ! We are please to offer our shoppers even more discounts. On top of saving $3.50 on burpcloths, we are offering 10% your entire order.

Stock up for the New Year. We will be having great giveaways starting January and we will be posting reviews of our product for consumers to read.

We have a great selection fabrics and we can also customize your order!

Coupon Code $3.00 off is xmasspecial !

Travel Blanket

Friday, November 26, 2010

Snuggle Travel Blanket:

TinyWiggles is proud to introduce our new designer snuggle soothing travel blanket. Give your baby or toddler the security of soft little blankie when you can’t be there. The calming effect of a soft minkie blanket will soothe any baby or toddler. This blanket rolls up nicely into a diaper bag, and has a side snap attachment to secure the blanket onto a stroller or car seat. This is an all in one blanket that is easy to travel with for baby or tot. The blanket has many uses, can be used as a change mat, security blanket, play mat for little babies.

Measurement of the blanket is 20” x 20”. The blanket is made of soft flannel on one side, plush minkie on the reverse side. Included in the inside is quilt batting, 100% polyester, washable, odourless, mildew proof, non allergenic. Nothing but the best for your little one!

You can find at


Thursday, November 11, 2010

By popular demand we added all assortments of The Woombie on our website at

* The only baby swaddler that truly mimics the womb. Comfortable, safe and effective.

* A super strong swaddle for your Lil'Houdini baby.

* Swaddling is recommended for babies up to 8 months.

* Prevents unnecessary waking due to the startle reflex. Soothes babies with colic. Will not come undone. Promotes natural motor development. Easy to use, just zip it up.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

We are currently offering all our Calgary and Airdrie shoppers free shipping till November 30,2010. Get all your Christmas shopping done early, at your convenience, no line ups, hassle free and delivered to your door. We offer many services , such as gift baskets and can customize orders. Please contact for more information.

Come and visit our store for our fabulous baby items; wet bags, snugglies, the Woombie, play food , and much much more.


Halloween is Over ! Wholesaler Sale

Thursday, November 4, 2010

We are selling our halloween bibs for 35% off . Stock up for next year. We have lots of halloween prints left. If your a retailer, send us an email at For our Halloween stock we have no minimum wholesale order, so stock up shelves for next year!

Halloween is approaching!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween is approaching and we are offering a new line of halloween bibs, burpies, washcloths. We can customize your order. Our halloween bibs are made with designer fabric on one side and your choice of cotton terry on the other or plush minkie.

We received a lot of positive feedback at the Baby & Tot Show in Calgary about our Halloween bibs that we had on display and sold quite a few , so stock up quickly before we run out.

You can view these bibs at our etsy store

Stay tuned for our Halloween Section on

Please see our giveaway section!!!

Angela's Cakes !

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wow, I found the most amazing cake making place in Calgary Alberta. This is a new and upcoming company, for right now the fabulous lady that makes these cakes Angela is only advertising by word of mouth. There is no store front for these amazing cakes yet but maybe soon! I have never seen such great cakes other then on cake boss but to see them in real life, it's absolutely short of fantastic. I wish I had a talent like this.

I have purchased a theme cake for a friend of mine at work from Angela's cakes and he absolutely loved it. He loved it so much he took a picture of it to send to his wife on his cell phone. It was such a huge hit, not only in appearance but in taste, I will definitely be ordering more. My next purchase will be a theme cake for my husbands birthday and then Xmas and then my son's birthday.

Below are just a few of the cakes Angela has made in a short time and they have all been a hit.

Lady Bug Cake !

Boy Cake !

Any occasion cake !

My favorite - Giraffe Cake -How cute is that !

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kimono Style Booties

Thursday, September 2, 2010

We are always looking for new products on the market that are not mass produced. We keep adding new innovative lines to our store everyday , it's pretty exciting. We love to promote our own brand TinyWiggles but we also love to share the many other brands that exist out there.

We are please to introduce our new Kimono Style Booties for both girls and boys.

These adorable kimono style booties are made with cotton fabric. Lining is made of white flannel fabric. Sole of shoe is made with white fleece fabric. Makes a great baby shower gift!!!

Fits size 0-6 months

Size: about 4" long, 2" wide

These fantastic shoes are made by a company called Blowing Kisses Designs.

Coming soon in our shop at and we will also be featuring them at the upcoming Baby and Toddler Show at the Saddledome.

Calgary Baby & Toddler Show

Monday, August 16, 2010

We are now preparing for our second show, the Calgary Baby & Tot Show at the Saddledome October 2 and 3, 2010. We will be introducing a greater selection of chalk mats for toddler. These were a great success at the Mommylicious show. The common feedback was " get more in!". Therefore that is what we are doing.


Your little one will make a darling statement at the table with this colorful placemat made with a whimsical combination of laminated cotton and chalkcloth. Dine.n.Doodle™ chalk mat placemats are on-the-go fun for child's play, drawing, writing, and games while also providing your child a safe, clean area for meals. Use anytime and anywhere to entertain your little one -- in restaurants, at home, on planes, in the car, during's not just for meal time.

Tap into your child's inner-Van Gogh on the chalkcloth side. Then, when your child's meal is ready, simply wipe down the chalkcloth and flip it over for a vibrant colorful clean placemat. Afterward, roll up your Dine.n.Doodle™ and tie it with the grosgrain ribbon. A handy holder keeps the chalk. Stores easily in a purse or diaper bag, where it's always handy for the next time.

Simply sponge laminated cotton and chalkcloth clean. Dry with a napkin or cloth. Creases smooth out over time. Laminated cotton and chalkcloth are durable, stain-resistant and waterproof.

Please keep an eye out for our table at the show!

Mommylicious Show is Approaching !

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Mommylicious show is approaching August 8, 2010 at the Carriage House Inn in Calgary Alberta. We are excited to be part of it. We will be selling all sorts of items, from our own brand to great brands like Pat-a-Cake Baby and others. Please visit our website and check out all our cool stuff.

We have lots of baby items, bibs, burpies, hooded towels, swaddle, the Woombie, our famous swaddle hooded towel, and our brand new reversible minkie hooded towel. We our offering great new designs from the Michael Miller and Alexandre Henry Fabric Collection. We are also showcasing other popular fabric designers.

We have a little something for everyone. We have a great variety of play food for toddlers that you cannot buy anywhere in Canada.

The play food is great because we are offering a variety of fruits, pancake and lunch play food in minkie plush fabric. This food is better then your standard plastic toys ,and you can wash it if it gets dirty. It's absolutely injury proof. It's great way to teach your little ones the concept of food.

We are also offering the greatest cupcakes in the world made with amazing felt. The work that goes into these is absolutely amazing, and again you cannot buy these in Canada. We were fortunate to find a great designer abroad who allowed us to show case her items and sell them. These are great cupcakes and desserts for play at tea time with your little girl.


Little Pea Boutique on TinyWiggles

Friday, July 16, 2010

Please welcome Little Pea Boutique to our shop at We are so happy to be offering these great little girl accessories. We have all sorts to choose from !

I love little cupcakes!

Pink Ballet Slippers !

Simple Lavender bow!

My favorite the pink and brown combination. I love these little flowers . Elegant and pretty.

New Improved Functionality

Saturday, July 10, 2010 has new improved functionality on the website for your convenience. We are proud to announce our upcoming show " the mommylicious show" in Calgary Alberta. We will be show casing many of our items ! We hope to see you there.

We have reduced shipping rates on our site! You will noticed this once you place an item in your cart.

Thank you

Teething Rattling Giraffes

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Promotional Giveaway ! We are giving away one of our teething giraffes to one of our readers or anyone visiting our site for the first time! All you need to do is tell us why in one sentence why you think you should win this giraffe and who it's for, yourself or a baby gift! Please be sure to let us know if it's a gift , we will include a little card with the gift for your convenience.

Post your comments on our blog, with an email address which will not be published ! We will be doing a random draw ! It's that simple, there is no need to be redirected to various websites! or do anything overly complicated.

If you would like your little one displayed on our website with the giraffe, let us know and we will add your little bundle of joy in our gallery at !

Please visit our website for giraffe colors! You will be able to pick the color!

This contest end July 15, 2010 !

The Rattle Teething Giraffes have arrived!

Sweet little giraffe rattles in bold prints make for tons of gentle fun for your little one. Soft cotton fabric bodies are easy for baby to grip, shake and chew. Little jingle bells on the inside and soft fabric loop ears and tail make for a "not to loud" distraction too! Mix and match with a Roll-Up or washcloth set for a perfect baby shower gift.

On sale now at

Please visit our giveaway section to win one of these giraffes!

Wet Bags PROMO

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


TYPE IN "freewetbag" in for promo code during checkout and shipping will be free for this item. This promo is valid until June 25,2010

Ouch Pouch

Friday, June 11, 2010

What a fabulous and innovative idea! and very cute!


Now have your child's first aid supplies all in one place organizing your purse - diaper bag - car etc .... and have the comfort of "mommy's touch" right at your fingertips.

Did your ♥Toddler♥ get a BOO BOO on the playground? KISS your baby's boo boo's away in FASHIONISTA STYLE with an adorable DESIGNER OUCH POUCH®!

The Ouch Pouch® is an ORIGINAL Designer First Aid Pouch with an easy-to-view clear front pocket that will neatly hold YOUR owie supplies! Great for:

suitcase ♥ backpack ♥ purse ♥ car ♥ diaper bag ♥ desk
golf bag ♥ garage ♥ beach bag ♥ brief case ♥ stroller
Please visit TinyWiggles to purchase !

The Pat-A-Cake Baby arrives on TinyWiggles

Monday, May 31, 2010

Please welcome The Pat A Cake Baby on TinyWiggles, we are not offering Diaper Diddies and Wet Bags!

Wet Bag

Pull this out of your diaper bag and you are sure to be the envy of every mom out there! Our wet bags are made with a beautiful cotton outer and a waterproof ProCare interior. They come with a zippered top and are sewn with super durability in mind! NEW and IMPROVED with a handle that snaps! You can attach it to your stroller or anything else to keep you hands free!
A wet bag is an essential for cloth diapering parents who need a waterproof bag for putting all those soiled diapers when out and about.

They are also useful for non-cloth diapering parents for placing soiled clothing, wet swimsuits, toys, wet wipes, snacks, sippy cups, toiletries, potting training supplies, etc. Our waterproof fabrics are machine washable, dryer safe, and mildew resistant!
Sizes: Our large measures 14.5" square and can easily fit 5-6 cloth diapers, inserts, pockets, etc. The small wet bag measures 9.5" square and can fit 1-2 diapers plus a couple wipes for quick trips.

Diaper Diddie

Finally an on-the-go diaper clutch! The Diaper Diddie® doubles as a diaper and travel size wipey case holder AND a plush changing pad! Unlike vinyl, these changing pads are super soft and cozy for baby's delicate skin.

It measures rougly 21" long and 12" wide when used as a changing pad. As a clutch, it measures 12" wide and 7" long (it folds into thirds).

A snap fastens the clutch so your goodies stay inside, even when packed full.

Our Diaper Diddies® are machine washable, dryer safe!

Please visit to purchase! Happy shopping!

TinyWiggles Wash Mitts Scrap Pile

Sunday, May 30, 2010

We currently have mom wash mitts in stock that are yellow and green which would be perfect for washing floors ect. We have added bold colors and all designer fabrics to our line. However that being said we are offering our old stock, which is good quality just not as fancy of material for a very low price.

These mitts can be used for anything ! I even set a pair aside to use, to wash my hard wood floor much easier then a rag. If you are interested in purchasing our old stock , please send me an email at

We are offering the old stock washmitts at $10.00 for a bundle of 4 pairs ( 2 mitts are included in each pair). This is well below cost of making them. The price does not include shipping .

Thank you and welcome our new stock!

Canadian Feed The Children

TinyWiggles is proud to support the Canadian Feed The Children in their upcoming fundraiser.

The Canadian Feed The Children is hosting an event at the Bata Shoe Museum (, an award-winning venue downtown Toronto. They donate the space every year and also invite some of their own constituents.

Every year they have a photography exhibit, highlighting the work of The Canadian Feed The Children work around the world. They programs in Canada, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Haiti, Bolivia and Ethiopia. This year it will include a short speech from our Haitian Country Representative who will speak about his experience of the recent earthquake, and the work that Canadian Feed The Children does in Haiti. THey will also be presenting four awards to our top supporters in 2009 – recognizing volunteers, community organizers, corporate supporters and key contributors.

Their will be a small ‘international marketplace staged to create the feel of a market perhaps in Africa or Bolivia. Everything will be quality and interesting artisan pieces. There will be some jewelry, textiles, baskets, carvings, bags, baby items and more. All proceeds will support Canadian Feed The Children and our many child-centred programs.

Please check out the Canadian Feed the Children and donate for a good cause.

Great News!

Friday, May 28, 2010

We are proud to announce that we will be attending the Mommylicious Show in Calgary in August and the Baby & Toddler Show in Calgary in October!

Please Check Out:

Welcome Lalabee to TinyWiggles

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I tried this bottom balm a while back with my son , and loved it so much I wanted to offer it in my store. It's great, and the smell is not as strong as most bum ointments on the market. Which is great!!!

Lalabee's baby wash is terrific, it smells great and it lathers great. I absolutely give it an A+.

This is my all time favorite, the bubble bath. The smell again is perfect , a hint of orange in the tub but not over powering. My son loves the bubbles !

For a better description of these products please visit our site at www.tinywiggles !

Celebrity Baby Fashion

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Check out our new Reversible Baby Hooded Minkie Towels are featured in the Spotlight Section on the Celebrity Baby Fashion website at

This towel is lined with one side of soft, plush minky dot, and the other side soft cotton terry. This hooded towel can be used as a drying towel for your baby or toddler, both sides will keep your little one warm after a bath.

This towel is unique because it can be used for a long time. Once your baby outgrows it , it can be used as a blankie for your tot. It can also be used as a mat for floor play, or stroller blanket! The possibilities are endless.

MEASUREMENTS : 30 ” x 30 “.

MATERIALS :All towels are lined with high quality 100% Cotton Terry.

The Pat-A-Cake Baby Diaper Diddies !

We are proud to announce The Pat-a- Cake Diaper Diddies on TinyWiggles. What a great product and very useful.

Finally an on-the-go diaper clutch! The Diaper Diddie® doubles as a diaper and travel size wipey case holder AND a plush changing pad! Unlike vinyl, these changing pads are super soft and cozy for baby's delicate skin.

It measures rougly 21" long and 12" wide when used as a changing pad. As a clutch, it measures 12" wide and 7" long (it folds into thirds).

A snap fastens the clutch so your goodies stay inside, even when packed full.

Gifts - These are perfect for any mama or child for any occassion! Each Diaper Diddie® is tagged and professionally packaged.

Visit for new and upcoming products.

You can also find us at the Mommylicious show in August displaying our new summer lines.

We have added all new fabrics for spring and summer, check them out in the "Available Fabrics" page in our online shop!

Newborn Teddy Hats

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kurliecues NewBorn Teddy Hats are coming to ! Yippy

These hats are absolutely adorable. All handmade by a stay at home mom. Kurli*Cues offers every kind of bow imaginable ~ korkers, bug bows, flowers, headbands, crocheted beanies.

Newborn Teddy Bear Hats
Our teddy bear beanies make adorable photo props - great for girls or boys!! Each one is lovingly hand crocheted.

You can also find great little girls hats !

More to come ! Please check out

I love chocolate tea party dessert set!

Friday, April 30, 2010

The ultimate in play food by a great designer.
Will be available soon on . These tend to sell out quickly, if you would like to be added on a wait list , please email at

I love Chocolate Tea Party Dessert Set ! valued at $25.00.

Beautiful set of fun and playful for little chocolate lover
Great items for those afternoon tea parties!
This Set includes 2 Cake Wedges, 1 Cupcake and 2 Cookies
Total of 5 pieces

2 Cake Wedge: Decorated with banana slices, strawberry and cream
1 Cupcake: Decorated with strawberry, wafer sticks, cream and rose
2 Cookies: 1 round and 1 heart shape, topped with clear beads
All beads are hand sewn securely on the top.
(Beads may vary slightly from photo)

Size Approx:
Cake Wedge: 2 3/4’’ (7 cm) x 3’’ (7.5 cm), Height: 2 1/2” (6.5 cm)
Cupcake: 3” (7.6cm) in diameter
Cookie: 2 3/8’’ (6 cm) in diameter
All adhesives used are non-toxic and odor-free
Small pieces are not intended for children under the age of 3 years

* It should be noted these items are all handmade with great attention to detail *

Individual Cupcakes ! Valued at $7.00 each!

Lovely Felt Cupcake Favor
Great Party Favor for Birthday, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Wedding…
It is also can use as a Pincushion
Topped with Strawberry, Wafer Sticks and Cream
Come with a Pink Organza Gift Bag

Choices : Strawberry, Pink and Chocolate, Lavender and Pink, Mint and Pink, Lemon and Pink.

Please visit