Gudonya Too

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This would make a great gift !!!!!!!

Gudonya bar soap is made with moisturizing oils of Palm and Safflower, added to oils of Coconut & Castor for luxurious lather. Extra glycerin is incorporated for smooth & silky texture. We scented this bar with...TOASTED COCONUT PINEAPPLE FUZION -- This sent mingles fresh juicy pineapple with lots of toasty yummy coconut to cut the super fruity and make things so mellow yet so distinct.

Gudonya Half Round Bar Soap -- Toasted Coconut Pineapple FUZION Scent-- vegan

I'll be honest just their photography makes me want to buy their soaps. This soap looks amazing so I thought I would share it with my readers.  Visit this shop at .

GudonyaToo sMOOchy (tm) All Over Skin Exfoliator and Conditioner - Wild Blackberry


I love the wrapping! I am going to have to try one of these.  I think this would make a great mama gift for all the mom's out-here.  Who doesn't love to take a relaxing tub and then lather up in a smoochy bar.  They have this one scent that sound fantastic.

GudonyaToo sMOOchy (tm) All Over Skin Exfoliator and Conditioner - Island CoconutIsland Coconut--A true sweet Coconut, not sugary or candy smelling, just true unadulterated Coconut fragrance!Rich, Musky and Refreshing...Get out the hammock, the COOL drink and RELAX .

They couldn't' put it better themselves, " Rub your smoochy all over yourself, then rinse with water only. (If even the salt is too aggressive for you, simply rub the smoochy on your hands, then rub your hands on your body.) Step out and dry. That's it! It'll leave your body sMOOchably soft and lightly fragranced. You won't even need any lotion."

Kaori Color

Friday, April 17, 2009

Diapers, diapers and more diapers, is there ever a place we can put them all! Looking on Etsy again, I found a really nice diaper clutch.

Diaper and Wipe Case - Modern Floral in Pink

Diaper and Wipe Case - Modern Floral in Pink

Kaori Color's Shop has all sorts of colors and design but this is my favourite.  Here is the scoop on the diaper clutch by Kaori Color: This is a handy and convenient small bag when you just want to carry the necessities with you. It holds around 4 diapers and a hard wipe case easily. It can also be used for a purse, a small carrying case, and an organizer.Made with a modern cotton fabric on the exterior and the interior is fully lined with durable canvas fabric. Magnetic Snap closure. Velcro was sewed on the handle, so you could hang on your stroller.

Please visit : .


Ok! It's official I am addicted to Etsy stores, there are so many great shops.  I have almost dedicated my blog to Etsy shops but I can't help it, there great ! The people making these items should get the credit they deserve.

Let me get back on track,  I found another great children store called BeanPickleSprouts. 

They have a variety of great items but I will list two of my favourites.

I love these ! Super cute.  Each one is made from ribbon clip.jpge with 3/4" fabric cover button attached to the top, these are sure to stay in hair with the grip strip applied to the inside.  One other good thing is they don't fall off. It doesn't get much better then that.

OK I changed my mind I am listing 3 items I really like these also:


There is quite a selection. Check them out :   and the bibs at .

Last but not least, the fabulous ACORN BIB. I wish I would of known about these Etsy shops while I was pregnant with my son.  I would of bought so many things but maybe it's a good thing cause I would be broke.

Green Polka Dot Acorn Bib and Onesie Set

Frank and Me Boo Boo Pack

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Frank and Me describes their boo boo pack as follows:

Take these little boo boo packs that are filled with 100% organic flax seeds (nothing else) and put it in the freezer....say, at least 2 hours....and it is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and place on the boo boo. You don't have that SHOCKING cold from an ice cube, or a gel pack, and under your hand, it stays so cool.

if your baby has a colicky tummy, you can microwave the pack for up to 30 sec. and the flax seeds will retain the a hot water bottle, but without the stress of hot water spilling on your the pack on their tummy to ease their pain.


This is a great idea and very fashionable instead of using those ugly ice packs ! My son was colicky for the first 3 months and if I had known about this at the time I would of bought it ! I am going to purchase one before we have our second. Frank and Me has so many different kinds.  I think this would be a great and useful baby gift.

Please visit :  Frank and Me on Etsy !

Frank and Me has a great sales section:

Washcloths Pack of 4 - Pink French Terry cloth with Designer Cotton - SALE

For only $5.00 !

TinyWiggles WashMitts Giveaway

Saturday, April 11, 2009

TinyWiggles is giving away to it's readers a pair of wash mitts. If you visit and look through our wash mitt section, send us a comment as to which is your favourite and why.  We will pick one winner based on the uniqueness of their comment. 

This giveaway will end by April 18, 2009 !

All we ask in return is for the lucky winner to let us know what they think of the wash mitts and if we need to improve them. You can contact us at

Wash Mitts


Thursday, April 9, 2009

THE CHRISTINE Crocheted Beanie Size 3-6 Months White Rose Pink Sage Green

I would be happy either way but I hope our second is a baby girl, Sparkleberry Crafts has the cutest hats and so many different styles. I really like the photography. In case your wondering who does the photography:

THE MARLIE Crocheted Cloche Size 6-12 Months Hot Orange Yellow Hot Pink LimeThere so many choices I want to post them all. I think this is a great purchase !

Snuggles of Love

Monday, April 6, 2009

Custom Made Wet Bag in Juicy Jungle, lined with ProCare Waterproof Fabric, Size Regular

As per Snuggle of Love's description: This cute waterproof wet bag is perfect for all of those messes! Keep soiled diapers, clothing, undergarments, even wet bathing suits after a day at the beach from getting your other items dirty. Bag is made with Alexander Henry's Juicy Jungle fabric and lined with waterproof ProCare fabric. Zipper top closure, seams are double stitched for durability. Bag has a side handle for easy carrying.

They have included great images of their product. You can see the item at every angle. There is a definite gift for photography in this shop.

I love the material on this bag ! Great item. I will be buying this one soon, when I decide to start trying for my second baby.  Visit :

Dribble Bandana Bib

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I think these are so cute, and there nice because there different then your average bib!  KewtKids has a variety of colour's and patterns for these wonderful bibs. Check them out at

As Kewtkids elegantly puts it:  A creative and unique alternative to the traditional bib! Keep your little one dry while being stylish at the same .

Dribble Bandana Bib in Sweet Dragon

And their Dino Day Baby Gift Set is perfect for any baby shower. It's super cute.

Dino Day Baby Gift Set