I love chocolate tea party dessert set!

Friday, April 30, 2010

The ultimate in play food by a great designer.
Will be available soon on www.tinywiggles.com . These tend to sell out quickly, if you would like to be added on a wait list , please email at michellegrenier@tinywiggles.com.

I love Chocolate Tea Party Dessert Set ! valued at $25.00.

Beautiful set of fun and playful for little chocolate lover
Great items for those afternoon tea parties!
This Set includes 2 Cake Wedges, 1 Cupcake and 2 Cookies
Total of 5 pieces

2 Cake Wedge: Decorated with banana slices, strawberry and cream
1 Cupcake: Decorated with strawberry, wafer sticks, cream and rose
2 Cookies: 1 round and 1 heart shape, topped with clear beads
All beads are hand sewn securely on the top.
(Beads may vary slightly from photo)

Size Approx:
Cake Wedge: 2 3/4’’ (7 cm) x 3’’ (7.5 cm), Height: 2 1/2” (6.5 cm)
Cupcake: 3” (7.6cm) in diameter
Cookie: 2 3/8’’ (6 cm) in diameter
All adhesives used are non-toxic and odor-free
Small pieces are not intended for children under the age of 3 years

* It should be noted these items are all handmade with great attention to detail *

Individual Cupcakes ! Valued at $7.00 each!

Lovely Felt Cupcake Favor
Great Party Favor for Birthday, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Wedding…
It is also can use as a Pincushion
Topped with Strawberry, Wafer Sticks and Cream
Come with a Pink Organza Gift Bag

Choices : Strawberry, Pink and Chocolate, Lavender and Pink, Mint and Pink, Lemon and Pink.

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The Woombie

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Please welcome the Woombie to www.tinywiggles.com !

Recommended by Doctors, Nurses, Doulas & Countless Moms & Dads!
Swaddle your baby Safely and Effectively with The Woombie ... designed to ease your mind and comfort your baby so you may both achieve a better nights sleep. The Woombie is the safest & most NATURAL way to Swaddle your baby, encouraging baby to softly stretch extremities as needed, just like in the womb. The Woombie comforts, softly confines arms & gently compresses baby's unique curves to hug baby... preventing Startling issues, face scratching, overheating and also preventing dangerous loose unraveled blankets from covering baby's face.

No more worry of blankets unraveling which can lead to potential blanket suffocation.
No face scratching or Startle Reflex to awaken baby.
See a marked improvement in Colic symptoms.
Effective swaddling without the need to tightly restrain baby.
Prevents overheating due to over-wrapping. (Overheating is linked to SIDS)
Great peanut shaped ergonomic design. Hugs the shoulders/arms, waist/abdomen, hips and feet.
Babies sleep an average12-18 hours a day or more! Allowing movement is healthy and allows for proper motor development.


New Product Coming to TinyWiggles

Monday, April 26, 2010

We are please to announce a new product on our site, that will appear shortly.

Product Quality

There are no shortcuts when it comes to sourcing the finest natural ingredients. But ingredients are only part of what makes a skin care product natural. It's also how the product is made and processed. Our lab has over 20 years experience in natural products. We craft our products at first the old fashion way - by hand. Then using minimal processing we ensure low power, low waste and with no negative effects on the purity of the ingredients. We're very proud of our products. Perhaps that's why we have the best repeat customers in the world - from Canada, to Japan, the USA... even among Hollywood Moms!

Our fabulous gift box featuring all 4 products (full sized)! Baby Bump products make fabulous gifts for pregnant women, so why not give the mom-to-be in your life the ultimate treat with the full line of Baby Bump products? After all, gifts for expecting mothers don’t always have to be for the baby – mom deserves to be pampered too! The perfect baby shower gift basket, birthday or holiday gift - no wrapping required! The bonus ... a beautiful, reusable gift box!

This item includes:

1 Stretch Mark Minimizing Cream
1 Stretch Mark & Massage Oil
1 2 in 1 Face Mask & Scrub
1 Body Polish

This exclusive collection contains full-sized versions of our three amazing products: Ultra Gentle Cleansing Cream, our Cradle Cap, Moisture & Massage Oil and the Ultimate Moisture Balm. It comes in a beautiful, reusable keepsake box. Choose between pink and blue, then shower that little one in all natural goodness!

These are some of the great items you can find at http://www.babybump.ca

Coming soon to www.tinywiggles.com!!

The Camden Hat - Chocolate Brown and Baby Blue Pom Pom Hat -

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I absolutely love this hat!Well I'll be honest I love all the hats in this great shop called "Gracies Garden Designs". Not only are the hats great, the photographs are amazing.

Any of these hats would not only make a great gift but would be a great prop for a baby picture. I am pregnant for my second baby, we will hopefully find out at our 5 month ultrasound if it's a boy or girl. I am even more excited because once I find out I will purchase another one of these hats for my little one. I only wish that I would of known about this shop when my son was born. I bought the cute pink and brown hat for a friend and can't wait to receive it.

Check out this shop !

Visit GraciesGardenDesigns.etsy.com


Friday, April 9, 2010

Please check out our site www.tinywiggles.com , we have updated our site and added new features. Please stay tune for all the new arrivals coming this spring!

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