For your little princess !

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I love these barrette's, there nice and simple.  I really like the picture displaying the barrette's.  Just goes to show that cute flower barrettes look good in short hair as well as long hair.  Perfect gift for your little princess.

Party by the Pool Bunch of Flowers Hair Clip - Set of 2

If your a pink and brown fan like myself, check these out!

Urban Diamonds Brown and Pink Hair Clip - Set of 2

Cute as a button !

Busy Mommy of 5 has listed a new baby girl accessory! It's just like the picture says "cute as a button".

Brown and pink polka dot headband. It's versatile, you can have your baby wear it, your little girl and even yourself.

The headband consists of a skinny nylon headband that will fit infants up to adults. A 1 1/2" fabric button is attached. A piece of soft fleece covers the back of the button that will touch the baby's head.

I think these accessories are so cute, especially if your little girl doesn't have much hair.  No one can mistaken her for a boy anymore!

Cute as a button headband polkadotty


Wash Mitt Sale !

We  are having a washmitt sale today ONLY! If you visit the section SHOP TINYWIGGLES, look through all our washmitts and then contact us and we will change the listing to reflect the discount.  Our pink ones are the most popular !  We are offering $2.00 coupon on all our wash hurry up! 

Little Tot Wash Mitts

Pocket Towel for your baby

Friday, May 29, 2009

As the part owner of TinyWiggles Ltd, I  looked and shopped around for a towel that I thought would be useful for my son after swimming classes.  When I googled hooded towels I found a pocket towel that looked really cute and appeared to be well made and warm.  However, this towel could only be found in the United Kingdom and I did not have the option of ordering it.  Along with my mother, or my business partner, we decided to create our own pocket towel.  Well ! My little boy loved it.  I found it very useful to use after the bath , and after swimming classes. It kept my son warm for an extended period of time.  I didn't feel like I had to rush and change him out of his bathing suit so quickly.  I had time to talk to other moms while waiting for a change room, and my little guy didn't turn  blue!      

My husband and I are going to Maui next week and I am bringing the pocket towel with me to test it out in other climates. We custom make these towels!

Hooded Towel For Baby

Spring colors for washcloths by TinyWiggles

* A delicate set of two soft washcloths for both mom or baby ! You can also use them as boogie wipes !* One side is terry towel, and the other is a cotton blend.* These washcloths are great as gifts for baby showers, mothers to be, and even for daughters.* Add them to a spa package and it's simple as that, you will bring a smile to someone's face.Washcloths for both Mama and Baby

Washcloth for both Mama and Baby

Our washcloths are lined with different color of terry towel however you can customize your washcloths! We've received a lot of positive feedback on our product, let us know what you think!

The Ava - Soft Soled Mary Janes

You can pick the size !  I love these shoes, I think they're so cute and elegant.  I had to post these simply for the fact that I love them !!  Visit:

Soft Soled Mary Janes - The Ava - You Pick Size

Kewt Dress In Summer Garden

Thursday, May 28, 2009

As per the description on Kewt Kids:

Great pinafore style dress in a reversible style.Wear as a dress or as a top with jeans or shorts.Grows with your girl-first a longer dress/top and then into a regular length shirt. One side is a bold pink/red/orange over-sized flower print and other side is a white/pink/red flower print.Snaps at shoulders. How cute is this picture! I love this dress.  You know what is great, this dress can be used with jeans! or simply as a dress ! I love dual purpose items.  Visit their Etsy Shop and you will find lots of cute items. Stay posted for more updates on Kewt Kids as they will also be partacipating in our July giveaway.

Kewt Dress In Summer Garden (3 sizes to choose from)

Kewt Kids also has a blog -


Product Reviews

Little Jumping Beans is a shop started by a stay at home mom named Jaimie who lives in Calgary Alberta. Jaimie started her company in January 2009 with the idea in mind of designing soft soled shoes for babies and toddlers at a much cheaper price then brand named shoes. I started browsing through Jaimie's etsy shop and loved the designer shoes she was creating. I received in the mail a beautiful pair of boy's soft soled shoes made with two coordinating fabrics, Ta Dot in evergreen by Michael Miller and Traffic Jam by Alexander Henry. I thought these two materials looked great together. Soft soled shoes are great for babies and for those little growing feet. Pediatricians recommend soft soled shoes because they allow the foot to move as naturally as possible.


What I look for in soft soled shoes; flexibility in the shoe, traction, toe box and the breath ability of shoes, especially for babies.

Flexibility: Little Jumping Beans soft soled shoes are very flexible, allowing your child's feet to bend easily. This is important because your baby's feet grow quite rapidly the first few years. From the time they first learn to crawl to when they start taking steps, flexibility makes a difference. I find if a shoe is too rigid, my little guy refuses to stand.

Traction: The bottoms of their shoes are fully lined and have a white grippy dot bottom. For my little guy traction in shoes is very important as we have hardwood and tile in our house. The last thing you want when your baby is learning to stand is him slipping and falling.

Toe box: What I mean by toe box is the top of the shoe. Little babies need lots of room for their chubby toes to move. It's important for them to have flexibility in the toe box area to wiggle their toes around. Funny enough their toes grow rapidly also. It's not a good shoe if it squishes their toes. Little Jumping Beans shoes are very flexible; just make sure you get the right size.

Breathability: Many people think leather is the best shoe for breathability, I can't comment on that since I am not an expert but what I can say from experience is that Little Jumping Beans fabric shoes are perfect. I took them on my vacation to Maui and they worked great. I used them as slippers without socks due to the warm weather. I thought this was a perfect alternative to provide sun protection to my little guy's feet.

Jaimie at Little Jumping Beans was very pleasant to talk to, and was very accommodating. She answered all my questions about sizing and offered to make custom shoes for my son. This etsy shop has great customer service. When I received my little shoes in the mail, they were wrapped in a nice plastic with a little thank you card as a personal touch. Those little extra things are what separate Little Jumping Beans from other shoe companies.

I highly recommend these soft sole shoes to anyone.

Little Jumping Beans has agreed to participate in a giveaway and will be giving a $15.00 gift certificate to our readers.


If you would like to participate in a Product Review please email us at : . Please note that we do not post the reviews for at least a month. We do this so we can properly review the product. After we have reviewed your product we will also provide you with advertising for a month on our blog.

**** Reviews are opinions only


Great Etsy Shops

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Every mom loves bib's !  Bibs are the greatest invention for babies and toddlers.  We like to keep our little ones clean, and makes for less laundry and staining.  What's great is that Paisley Baby has many different fabric choices.  I like that they're lined with terry towel. Keep visiting because Paisley Baby will be taking part in our giveaway for the month of July!  You can also find them in both our Fabulous Site and Great Product section. You've probably noticed Paisley Baby has been on our website a few times before, well that's because we love their products and will continue to post many of their new items as they appear in their shop at .

Terry Bib in Pirate Party

If your looking for really nice burpies so you can look like the most fashionable mama, look no further White Satin Ribbon has made some very beautiful trendy "burpies".  They will also be participating in our July giveaway so stay posted to see what item they will be posting. What sets all of these shops apart from mainstream is that they have the greatest choice of fabrics !

Groovy Chick Trio of Burpies HOT PINK

If I had a daughter , I would be buying all sorts of hair accessories. I think little girls look adorable in pig tails especially when they have cute little bows and barrettes in their hair.  Makes every mama proud. This Etsy shop is also participating in our July giveaway, so stay posted to see all the other cute accessories they make.  I will be posting new stuff throughout the month of June on all these great shops.  I won't lie, I love Etsy.  I love that their is so much variety in the items you can purchase and that you have the option to customize certain items.  You would never be able to do this at a regular boutique.

All Types of Hair Clips Sampler - Hair Clip Grab Bag - set of 6 - FREE SHIPPING

And, of course I have to talk about our own bib set made by TinyWiggles.  We think it's a great value and would be a great gift for any new mama. It's all inclusive, the set includes all the things you need when your baby starts eating solids - you've got your bib, your washcloths, and your burpies.  Who could ask for anything more.  We love the material and hope you love it too. We have lined everything with terry towel. I found as  a new mom that it works the best for absorption and it's very functional!

Bib, Burp Cloth and Washcloth Set


Lots-a-Dots Pink Baby Burpies

White Satin Ribbonhas created new burp cloths and washies! Any products that doesn't meet White Satin Ribbon's expectations, they call " bag eggs" and sell them at a very discounted price, which we all appreciate! I love the way their products are displayed with cute little ribbon tied around the burp cloths, looks very elegant and would make a great gift. Visit: .

As per the description in their shop:

What do you and these burpies have in common? You both want to be there for EVERY part of your baby's journey of life- including cleaning up spit-ups! These burpies desire nothing more than to reside on your shoulder and nurture your gift from Above.Handmade with 100% cotton fabric and prefolded cloth diapers (Gerber 3-ply), these burp cloths are SUPER absorbent! This set of two burp cloths features a pretty pink with lime green polka dot and soft baby pink with dots print sewn down the middle of the cloth diapers.All sets are tied with a sweet white satin ribbon. Perfect for a gift or for your own bundle of joy!This set is ready for shipment, but if you'd like another fabric selection, just contact me with your preference. Material is 100% cotton!

Items have been prewashed to avoid shrinkage

Machine Washable Dimensions: approximately 18" Length X 13" Width

Everything Baby !

I found a great shop that has all sorts of things for your baby and stuff for the mama's.  Paisley Baby has created beautiful products that range from bibs, wet bags to cosmetic bags.  I love "wetbags" I find them so handy myself being the mom of a 14 month old that seems to always have "poop" explosions.  I find the wetbags are handy for all sorts of things.  You can use it for wet bathing suits, wet towels, dirty clothing and any items that makes a mess.  They're simple to pack and great for travelling. This one has a cord at the top which makes it very useful to hang on a door!  Visit : - you will not be disappointed they have a great selection.

As per Paisley Baby's description: Our 100% cotton wet bags are lined with waterproof fabric and close with a drawstring. Use one at the beach, the pool or for toting gym clothes. These bags are perfect for carrying wet and soiled items while keeping the inside of your suitcase, diaper bag, purse or swim bag dry and clean. Let us know what you use your wet bag for!SafarThe pictured item is our small wet bag in Alexander Henry's 2D Zoo in Pool. Welcome to the jungle! This cute print features blue and green elephants, rhinos, giraffes and more on an ivory background. Please convo me if you would like this bag in the large size.Large wet bags: 43 cm (17") x 43 cm (17" )Small wet bags: 28 cm (11") x 28 cm (11")

Busymommy of 5

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Great Deal 2 Interchangeable flower clips, one hat, and one headband 12-24 months




Great Deal 2 Interchangeable flower clips, one hat, and one headband 12-24 months!


Who can beat that !


Description provided on busymommyof5:


Want some versatility when it comes to your babies accessories? This is a great deal. Here is what you will receive for your little girl.

  • One hot pink V-stitch skull hat made with 100% cotton yarn in size 12-24 months. 
  •  One white crochet headband. 
  • One Spring fabric flower on an alligator clip. 
  • One White starburst flower with pink bling in the centre.

I love the idea that you can accessories your babies hat.  That is a great idea. Different occasion , different accessory, it's that simple.

Visit: !

New Hooded Swaddle Towel on TinyWiggles

Sunday, May 24, 2009

We listened to our readers requests and have created a poke -a -dot swaddle towel ! We have just listed it today, so please visit our store: . We also have matching tot mitts with the same material.

Swaddle Hooded Towel

About the Personal Trainer - Boot Camp

Friday, May 22, 2009

Nicole Smith was born and raised in Airdrie, Alberta. Married with 2 children, Sarah and Ryan. It was through pregnancy Nicole decided that now was the best time to focus on improving her health and regaining some strength to care for her little ones. Her passion for sports and competition pulled Nicole towards running as an activity to increase her cardiovascular capabilities. This then lead to more consistent strength training. Nicole has competed in several races ending with several 1st place finishes, and all in the top three. October 2008 brought new experiences and accomplishments when Nicole competed and placed 2nd in her first Figure competition. Nicole has again chosen to compete this July and achieve an even greater level of fitness.


A 4-week Boot camp which provides the structure, motivation, camaraderie, laughs, and swift kick-in-the-butt to get you moving!

Mom and Baby Stroller Boot Camp is for moms who want to take their fitness to the next level! This high energy outdoor bootcamp-style class meets twice per week and is designed specifically to help you lose the baby weight!

You will use resistance tubing and hand weights to strengthen and tone your muscles. Core exercises, balance, agility and running drills will also be incorporated into the workout. A challenging and fun class suited for all levels of participants.

Due to the rigorous nature of the class, Mom and Stroller Baby Boot Camp classes are recommended for moms of babies 3 months and older. Little ones up to 4 years old welcome!

Classes will meet at Monklands soccer field main parking lot in Airdrie.
Classes will run rain or shine!!!!

Please bring to class:

Yoga mat or towel for the ground
Good running/cross training shoes
Stroller, preferably a baby jogger, but any will work.
Sun block, rain gear, and other items to protect you and your baby from Mother Nature
Set of 5,8 or 10 lb weights
any snacks, drinks or toys your baby or toddler may need!!!

Fee: $120.00

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early as we will start promptly at starting times.

Par-Q, and registration forms must be completed prior to beginning class.

Payment can be made by cheque or cash on the first day of class

Additional 4-week classes will run




Contact me at - and I can adjust the listing to reflect the 10% off. Residents of Airdrie- we can arrange for free shipping .

Free Trial on TinyWiggles Swaddle Prototype

We have decided to give our readers a chance at trying our newborn baby boy swaddle towel and hoping to receive feedback on our product.  All we ask is that you pay for shipping and we will do the rest.  Send me a comment on my blog as to how old your little baby is.  The first person to tweet me 10 times on any subject will receive this item for FREE.  I will then change the listing in our shop to reflect only the SHIPPING COST.  GET SET READY GO !!!

Hooded Towel For Baby(Swaddle)

It's a great deal as you receive a wash mitt for free also.  You can find shipping cost by going to this listing at


Check out , we have added numerous items to the sale section.  Mama Washcloths


Sleep Deprived Mama's

To all the sleep deprived mama's and papa's, if there is a topic your interested in finding out information about; colic, baby milestones, simply send me a comment on this post and I will do the research for you and include all the websites I referenced.  I know how hard it can be to look through all the masses of information when your getting no sleep as a new parent.  Let me do the work for you.  This blog is meant to help our readers, give our readers "giveaways" and promote the products we love the most. What you will also find on this blog is coupons and discounts to our store. 

I have received a few requests to post information about all the different types of formula available on the market.  I just wanted to know if that is something my readers are still interested in !

Alexander Henry's 2D Zoo in sage !

Thursday, May 21, 2009

There is a great deal to be had at Little Jumping Bean's Shop. If you purchase these super cute shoes - You can get the matching bib for half price ! Just like it says in her shop -

This pair is a size 12-18 months and the sole is a little over 5" longNOTE: Please check out the matching bib! It's half price with the purchase of these shoes!

Soft Soled Baby Shoes - The Animal - 12-18 months

How can you resist such a good deal! Hurry go grab the shoes and bib before they're gone. I would of love to receive this as a gift. I am going to recommend this set to all my bloggers. The bib and shoes together are a great price and in my opinion would make a great baby gift for any occasion.

I have posted Little Jumping Bean's shoes on a previous post but I have nothing but good things to say about them. Visit

Baby Bib - 2D Zoo in sage - Alexander Henry - Half price with 2D Zoo shoe purchase

Washcloth and Wash Mitt Set For Baby

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

GREAT BABY SHOWER GIFT !  We would love to offer our readers a $ 4.00 off coupon on this gift set.  This basically covers shipping ! This deal is only available to our readers on Send me a comment on my blog and we can gift wrap the item with no charge.  You will have to contact me on , or email me at , then I can change the listing to reflect the $4.00 off coupon. 

Washcloths and Mitt Set for both Mama and Baby

This promotion is only on for one day.   


It took me a long time to find just the right "teething biscuit" for my son.  He never liked teethers that you put in the fridge, didn't like a cold cloth, he simply didn't like much of anything until I stumbled upon HEALTHY TIMES Vanilla Biscuits.  They are very different then most of the teething biscuits out-here, there really hard and it takes my little guy forever to chew on them.  They' re good for several reasons:  he loves them and there organicthere hard enough to chew that I am not worried he will choke, there nutritious, and best of all they keep his busy hands busy for at least an hour which gives me time to myself.  I highly recommend them.  They have a few flavors and you can find them in most grocery stores but for a list of where you can find them visit :

:   .


Little Jumping Beans on TinyWiggles

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

As per Little Jumping Beans Shop description:

These soft soled babies shoes are perfect for little growing feet! Just like Robeez style but cost much less!This pair is made with two coordinating fabrics, Ta Dot in evergreen by Michael Miller and Traffic Jam by Alexander Henry, I liked how they look together :)

Soft Soled Baby Shoes - The Traffic Jam - 12-18 months

I love the way these shoes look, they're adorable and they look comfy. Little Jumping Beans will be participating in a giveaway in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates on which shoes will be offered as a giveaway prize, You won't want to miss it.  Visit: and look around, come back and comment on the shoes you like the best.  I would love to hear which ones are your favourite.  **** This shop also does CUSTOM ORDERS , do you believe it! **** What other place can you go and get custom order shoes ! - that is great !!!

Wash Mitts

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wash Mitts

CHECK OUT WWW.TINYWIGGLES.ETSY.COM - 25 % ALL OUR SETS OF WASH MITTS , FOR A SHORT TIME ONLY.  You can also find our products on   The 25 % will only apply to the first 10 comments on our blog.

Studio Chic Design On Etsy

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Studio Chic Design is a great place to get a custom design blog. If you decide to get your blog redesigned or if your just getting started, Studio Chic Design will send you an easy questionnaire asking you several questions about what you would like your website to look like. You will not be disappointed ! The communication process is simple and painless. I speak from experience.

I would definitely recommend this shop for blog designs ! Studio Chic Design provides superior customer service and is a great resource for beginners.



Saturday, May 16, 2009

TinyWiggles introduces a new swaddle hooded towel ! We have received very positive feedback and hope our customers find it useful. We are always open to suggestion on how to improve our products.

Swaddle Hooded Towel


* This towel has multiple purposes, it can be used as an after swimming towel, bath towel, and can also be used just to keep the little munchkin warm! *

* It's easier to carry your little one to the change room from the pool in a swaddle towel! Place your little one straight into this towelling pocket and cuddle them dry ! No more fussing around with a standard hooded towel *

* This towel works the same as a swaddle blanket. Place baby into the bottom pocket and simply fold over the flaps on each side and your done ! * Easy to use !

Please leave a COMMENT if you would be interested in TinyWiggles posting a giveaway on our site for our new hooded towel! When we reach 50 comments, we will post a giveaway to our readers !

Welcome to Market Moms Online

MARKETMOMSONLINE.COM is a new website geared to moms but great for everyone. Market Moms On-line is a comprehensive website that offers a variety of products for mothers, children and everyone in between. It features many great Canadian companies.

There are many great companies you can choose products from and order directly from this site rather then going to each individual site. In the links section , MARKETMOMSONLINE.COM has also included the link to each individual company, where you can read up on the companies and get a feel for what they are offering their consumers.

TinyWiggles is proud to be a member of MARKETMOMSONLINE community.

Thank you to the founder of MARKETMOMSONLINE !!

Check out the site :

Bundled !

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another fantastic Etsy shop! I love these handmade giraffe rattles. Very cute, beautiful material and I am sure there is no where else you can buy them. You can also use them as a teether. It's great that it has multiple purposes and yet very fashionable.

Here is the description according to "Bundled" :

Sweet little giraffe rattles in bold prints make for tons of gentle fun for your little one. Soft cotton fabric bodies are easy for baby to grip, shake and chew. Little jingle bells on the inside and soft fabric loop ears and tail make for a "not to loud" distraction too!

Giraffe Rattle - Sam

They have many great items in their store, check them out at .


Monday, May 11, 2009

Our blog has just been redesigned and we will be offering Giveaways to our readers.  If you are interested in participating in a Giveaway, please contact  We would love to promote your product and write a little blurb about it!  Our readers love to receive baby and mamma items, so we really appreciate it!