Kewt Dress In Summer Garden

Thursday, May 28, 2009

As per the description on Kewt Kids:

Great pinafore style dress in a reversible style.Wear as a dress or as a top with jeans or shorts.Grows with your girl-first a longer dress/top and then into a regular length shirt. One side is a bold pink/red/orange over-sized flower print and other side is a white/pink/red flower print.Snaps at shoulders. How cute is this picture! I love this dress.  You know what is great, this dress can be used with jeans! or simply as a dress ! I love dual purpose items.  Visit their Etsy Shop and you will find lots of cute items. Stay posted for more updates on Kewt Kids as they will also be partacipating in our July giveaway.

Kewt Dress In Summer Garden (3 sizes to choose from)

Kewt Kids also has a blog -


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