Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Welcome to the World of Bento!

What does the word Bento mean?

·         The word “Bento” is common with Japanese Cuisine meaning “a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal.  Traditional Bento consisted of rice fish or meat and cooked vegetables usually in a box-shaped container. 

·         Bento has become increasingly popular in North America and has gained much popularity! The ideas and concept behind a bento box is great for the environment friendly a “reusable compact container” that holds a large assortment of food options. 

-The photo above is a creation made by Another Lunch Blog-The container above is called “Laptop Lunches” You can find these in our online store at or click on the following link:

·         Why Bento is great for kids: Bento Boxes are trendy, cute and filled with multiple options for kids.  Kids like variety, they like to be creative and what better way to teach them portion control and eating healthy while being environmentally friendly.  Bento lunches emphasize the beauty of the content inside the box.  The texture, colors are important aspects of the bento lunch. 

·         What are exciting and great about the term “bento” are the endless bento accessories you will find on the market.  You can create food art for your kids and with your kids.

(Bento Cutters – These make your sandwiches into small bear, bunny and flower shape)

Please check out our “Bento Tutorial” Section for tips on how to use these fantastic cutters!

·         The food can be decorated like funny characters and animals, the possibilities are endless. 

·         We are proud to be one of the only Canadian stores offering a large variety of Bento Products, we hope to add new items on an ongoing basis and keep families and their kids happy by creating healthy lunches.

·         We welcome you to our new blog “Tinywiggles” and hope you enjoy the resources provided to you daily. There are some very talented people who create quite beautiful food art for those to see and we would like you to experience the talent some individuals have in putting their bento creations together and display this in traditional Japanese bento style with what we call a North American twist!

·         Children love color, shapes, animals and visually appealing things. They are bound to love their bento-lunch and food. It’s a great incentive to get them involved in the lunch making process.