Travel with ease !

Monday, June 29, 2009

Easy Travel Equipment Rental is a great company to rent baby equipment from if you are planning on vacationing toMaui, Hawaii. We stayed in Maui for two weeks, and needed to rent some baby equipment. We didn't want the hassle of carrying more stuff then we needed to at a busy airport. Our son, now 15 months, doesn't like to sleep in a playpen; he associates it with play not sleep. We were going to bring our playpen but didn't want too carry it all the way to Maui if our little guy wasn't going to sleep in it. We decided to rent a crib. The price was right and it was well worth the extra few hours of sleep if we can mimic our home environment! Once we arrived in Maui, we realized that the portable high chair we had did not fit on any of the chairs in the condo. As a parent, you know how tired your arms can get holding your little one endlessly and then trying to do a feed at the same time, well that is near impossible.

We rented a car while we were out on the island and car rental companies charge you an arm and a leg for a car seat. Most rental companies will charge you $15 a day for car seat; well Easy Travel only charges $22.00 for the week. We got it for even cheaper. Easy Travel Company delivered both items for free to our condo within the hour. Talk about great service. They were easy to talk to and a great company overall. They set up our crib before we arrived. They make the arrangements with your hotel or rental company. They also pick up the items the day you leave. You don't have to drop anything off! I highly recommend renting bulkier equipment, it's a great investment on saving your arms and sanity.

The crib came with a fitted sheet and bumper. The high chair was very clean and the car seat was great. Visit there website at They have a variety of items you can rent.

High chair Car seat Crib

We got to actually sleep, feed our son in his high chair on the lanai (balcony) while we ate our meals overlooking the ocean. We did a lot of sight seeing with the ease of a car seat without having to carry ours back and forth our original destination.

If you need more information on baby rentals, send me a comment I would be more then happy to send you more information.


Babies and Planes!

Friday, June 26, 2009

My husband and I took our 14 month old little boy to Maui for a family vacation. We had a great time. However, we all know that flying with a little one can be exhausting and stressful at times. I am sure many of you are experienced parents who fly with their littlest one all the time, and for those of you who have never flown, I hope that some of the information I provide in this post is useful.

The flight to Maui from CalgaryAB(where we live) is 8 hours in total. There are unfortunately no direct flights, and our connecting flight was out of VancouverAirport. I never thought I would say this but 8 hours is a long time with a very active baby, but well worth the trip.

Here are some tips on flying with a little one over the age of a year;

Before we had our son, we didn't really even look at the flight times nearly as much as we do now. There is considerable planning in choosing a flight that you think will work best for your little one. Let's be honest they run the show!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you're trying to choose a good time to fly;

Your child's

  1. feeding times

  2. fussy times

  3. nap times

Our son never had scheduled naps, he just went to sleep when ever he was tired, a little bit unpredictable but adds flexibility to our daily routine. He did however have fussy times, usually before he goes for a nap and likes to eat every 3 to 4 hours. His feeding times were always fairly scheduled, which developed into a routine as he got older. When we booked our flight times, we made sure we could feed him once on the plane and if we had a lay over we would made sure we had enough time to feed him again. Keeps his busy hands and belly happy - Which keeps mommy and daddy happy!

While flying;

Try to keep the middle seat free if at all possible, it so much easier for your arms and for your sanity. Bring on the plane what I call a distraction bag. I hid a few toys from my son that he liked, and then packed them up in his diaper bag. When I took them out on the plane, it was like Christmas all over again, he got so excited to see his new toys (ha ! old toys!) . However because our son is very active, the toy distraction didn't last more then 10 minutes.

I also brought teething biscuits, the really hard ones. There great for keeping little hands busy. Bring lots of food especially milk, you cannot get milk on the plane. I also brought a blanket. Make sure you have plenty of diapers and wipes. The last thing you want is to get caught without either of those on a small plane. I also brought a few �baggies� to put the dirty diapers in. The flight attendance and the people on the plane really appreciate that, if you don't you can smell the dirty diaper in the air carbine. For departure and arrival, try feeding your baby, it generally helps with the ear pressure and acts as a distraction.

If you need anymore useful flying tips, I have many more, some of which include great places to go in Maui

with your wee one. Send me a comment and I will be more then happy to write another post about the subject.


Monday, June 22, 2009

We would like to welcome a few great Etsy Shops to TinyWiggles.  These Etsy shops will be participating in a great month of  giveaways for our readers. We will post 6 giveaways for the month of July.  Stay posted for the month of August giveaways!  We have chosen these shops because we love the items they make.  We are thankful that they have graciously agreed to let our readers win some great products, all handmade.

A little blurb about the shop that are taking part:


Little Jumping Beans was created by a stay at home mom with a wonderful husband and son.  This stay at home mom loves to sew and make stylish shoes for everyone to enjoy at a much lower cost then brand named shoes.  Little Jumping Beans started on Etsy in January 2009. This shop has a variety of cute boys and girls soft soled shoes.  (

Little Jumping Beans also has a blog:

Please take time to visit this shop and blog and let us know what shoes are your favourite. We love to provide these shops with feedback.


Kewt Kids is an Etsy shop that makes cute and creative products for babies, toddlers and children. The owner of Kewt Kids has 15 years sewing experience.  This shop loves to design unique items four our wee ones. This company is out of Vancouver,BC and has been on Etsy since February 2008.  Kewt Kids has also expanded their shop and are now have their own independent website called;

Please take time to visit this shop and blog and let us know what items are your favourite. We love to provide these shops with feedback. / and !


Pretty Hair Clippies is another Etsy shop , where you will find hair bows, barrettes and clips for both children and adults. The owner of Pretty Hair Clippies is not only a mother but a scientist who loves to make things. This shop is out of Atlanta, GA and has been on Etsy since April 2009.  This shop is fairly new and has gotten great reviews and feedback. She adds her delicate touch to every items she makes.

Please take time to visit this shop and tell us the items you love . We love to provide these shops with feedback.


White Satin Ribbon is another Etsy shop.  This shop is owned by a full time teacher that loves creating new items for mommies, daddies and babies. This shop is out of Forthworth, Texas and started  February 2009.  This is also a new shop to Etsy, and it's doing great!

Please take time to visit this shop and tell us the items you love. We love to provide these shops with feedback. and .


Busy Mommy of 5 is an Etsy shop owned by a mom of 5. Talk about busy! How does she find the time to make such beautiful accessories? This busy mom of 5 enjoys creating new items and seems to have a talent at making girlie accessories.  This shop is out of Montague and started in October 2008.

Please take time to visit this shop and tell us the items you love. We love to provide these shops with feedback.


Paisley Baby is an Etsy shop that was started by a mother and daughter team. Between the both of them they have 50 years of sewing experience and love to design great items for people to enjoy. Paisley Baby has expanded to offer their great items in several retail store throughout Canada. Paisley Baby shop is out of Quebec and started in May 2008.  You can also join them at : join us on twitter at

Please take time to visit this shop and tell us the items you love. We love to provide these shops with feedback.

All these great shops are giving away one of their handmade creations on TinyWiggles for the month of July.

We really appreciate the feedback people give us on the items we display in our post. Please take the time to write us a few comments about each shop.

Limited Edition Monkey Mom and Tot Wash Mitt !

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Monkey MittsSimpler then a washcloth ! Mom and Tot wash mitts makes bath time fun for your little tot.Wash Mitts are soft and work well for your little tot to learn how to wash his little bits ! Mom's loves them too!Can be used anywhere: Bath, shower and on the go (great for travelling).All wash mitts are prewashed and we recommend washing in gentle cycle.

Mom and Tot Wash Mitts (Limited Edition)

New Wash Mitts -  visit

Happy Strap for Bottle/Toy in Blue Hawaii

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Hawaii theme lives on even though I am now back from my wonderful vacation with my family.  I love Maui and recommended as a family vacation to anyone.  It's quiet and not as busy as Honolulu (even though that island is equally beautiful).  There are many great beaches, even a baby beach for your little wee ones. 

I will be continuing with my Hawaiian themed baby and toddler items for the next week.   I love the print on this happy strap so I decided to post it.  I bought similar material in Maui! 

HAPPY STRAPKeep your little one's bottle/cup/toy off the ground and within reach with this handy leash. Stop picking that toy up over and over again.Attach strap to stroller/highchair/swing/shopping cart etc. by looping around on itself or use a toy ring to attach (not included).100% cotton front with embossed suede lining. Machine washable. Velcro closure.Simple design allows it to tighten over most bottles/cups that measure 6-8" around. Can also be used to attach to toys or teethers.

If you take a look in our GIVEAWAY section, KEWT KIDS will be offering one of our readers a Happy Strap. Not the one above but a limited edition little monkey happy strap!

TinyWiggle Coupons !

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We are currently offering a $2.00 coupon on any of our wash mitt sets, all you need to do is send me an email on Etsy and I will adjust the price for you.  This discount also applies to any of the other websites advertising our wash mitts.  We will continue to add new prints and designs for our little tots!  Bath time should be a fun time, not a stressful time.  We have a great selection for little girls and will be adding more boy mitts soon.

Little Tot Wash Mitts  Little Tot Wash Mitts  Little Tot Wash Mitts  Little Tot Wash Mitts  Little Tot Wash Mitts  Little Tot Wash Mitts  Little Tot Wash Mitt

This discount also applies to any of our Mom and Tot Wash mitts!

Mom and Tot Wash Mitts Wash Mitts  Wash Mitts  Mom and Tot Wash Mitts Wash Mitts Mom and Tot Wash Mitts  Wash Mitts

White Satin Ribbon and their new set of BURPIES!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

White Satin Ribbon is a shop on Etsy that makes beautiful "burpies".  These burpies are made by a full time teacher.  What is also great about this shop is any sewing mistakes are called "bad eggs", this is where the products are posted at a cheaper rate.  I  am sure that any sewing mistakes made are very minor but because this shop is dedicated to providing the best for their customers, they discount any in-perfections.  God to love that !

White Satin Ribbon has just posted a new set of burpies, and I love the style, fabric and the way they are packaged.  What a delicate touch !  As per the description in their shop:

What do you and these burpies have in common? You both want to be there for EVERY part of your baby's journey of life- including cleaning up spit-ups! These burpies desire nothing more than to reside on your shoulder and nurture your gift from Above.

Stripes and Dots- blue, lime brown- Baby Burpies Set of 3

Visit their shop and let me know what other items you love!

Hawaii Fabrics !

Friday, June 12, 2009

I am currently in Maui, Hawaii and is it ever beautiful here.  The ocean is clear blue, and the sun is always shinning.  There is so much to do on the island , it's amazing.  The view from our condo is nothing more then spectacular.  Yesterday, I went to a fabric store in Kihei and found some really nice prints for our new products.  Let me know what you think! and stay posted for our new line of baby , toddler and mama items made with these fantastic Hawaiian prints! Keep checking in at .  We also custom make items, so if you have something in mind, send me an email with your idea ( and fabric choice and I will let you know if we can make it and how much it will cost. You can pick from the fabrics posted below.


Pool Party

Monday, June 8, 2009

This is a set of 3 cute favour cards, each with a hair clip attached. The cards are red and aqua blue, with a small white patch that reads "Have Fun at my Pool Party". The blue area is embossed with tiny wave like symbols. Each card has a pair of sun glasses and a beach bag embellishment sticker.

I love the packaging for this product! 

Have Fun at My Pool Party - Favor Hair Clip on Card - set of 3

I love summer, they' re so many great products on the market for your little princess.  These barrettes are fun and would look great with pigtails for that hot summer day.

Beach handy!

I can say first hand that travelling with a wet bag is a must if you have a little one!  Less mess is best!  I am currently in Maui , Hawaii with my family and today was a beach day.  You can imagine the mess wet sand makes in your beach bag.  Thank goodness, I had a large wet bag in my beach bag, it was great for my son's wet bathing suit that was filled with sand, his swim diaper since there were no garbage's in the area, and other miscellaneous items that seemed to be full of sand.  It kept all the rest of the items in my beach bag clean and better yet NO SAND.  They're simple to use! and you can just empty the items directly into your washer along with the bag and wash it.  Now it's ready for use tomorrow for another sunny beach day. 

Small Wet Bag in Pink Green Coriander

This wetbag is made by Paisley Baby! I like the fabric, it's a nice summer fabric.

Lounge pants for the beach!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Ankle Biter Lounge Pants are the ultimate in Beach Baby Couture" .  As per; A comfy elastic waistband and roomy legs with contrasting prints, make them perfect for beach adventures. Perfect for after swimming. My son would look so cute in these.  I am looking for a pair of these in Maui!

This is a great find if your going on a warm vacation.   You can find these pants at and they also have a website called  and .   Stay posted for some cute baby pictures on the beach.

Made on Maui designer print Ankle Biter Lounge Pants 12 months to 4T Cocoa n Blue

Hawaii Theme!

I am heading off to Maui, Hawaii for the next two weeks, so you will notice a Hawaii theme in the next 2 weeks of posts.

Hawaii Dream Reversible Bib

This is a big bib and it's quite stylish. What I like is that it covers all of your baby , this would of been a great purchase for my plane ride if I had seen it on time.   Oh well , here we come a big mess and a test of patience on a flight of 7 hours with a 14 month old! ! !

I will be looking around in Maui for great fabrics and great ideas, and I will keep you posted.

This bib can be found at

SALE Hawaii Dream Reversible Bib