White Satin Ribbon and their new set of BURPIES!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

White Satin Ribbon is a shop on Etsy that makes beautiful "burpies".  These burpies are made by a full time teacher.  What is also great about this shop is any sewing mistakes are called "bad eggs", this is where the products are posted at a cheaper rate.  I  am sure that any sewing mistakes made are very minor but because this shop is dedicated to providing the best for their customers, they discount any in-perfections.  God to love that !

White Satin Ribbon has just posted a new set of burpies, and I love the style, fabric and the way they are packaged.  What a delicate touch !  As per the description in their shop:

What do you and these burpies have in common? You both want to be there for EVERY part of your baby's journey of life- including cleaning up spit-ups! These burpies desire nothing more than to reside on your shoulder and nurture your gift from Above.

Stripes and Dots- blue, lime brown- Baby Burpies Set of 3

Visit their shop and let me know what other items you love!  www.whitesatinribbon.etsy.com

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