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Monday, June 8, 2009

I can say first hand that travelling with a wet bag is a must if you have a little one!  Less mess is best!  I am currently in Maui , Hawaii with my family and today was a beach day.  You can imagine the mess wet sand makes in your beach bag.  Thank goodness, I had a large wet bag in my beach bag, it was great for my son's wet bathing suit that was filled with sand, his swim diaper since there were no garbage's in the area, and other miscellaneous items that seemed to be full of sand.  It kept all the rest of the items in my beach bag clean and better yet NO SAND.  They're simple to use! and you can just empty the items directly into your washer along with the bag and wash it.  Now it's ready for use tomorrow for another sunny beach day. 

Small Wet Bag in Pink Green Coriander

This wetbag is made by Paisley Baby! I like the fabric, it's a nice summer fabric.

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Maria said...

Thank you so much and lucky you in Hawaii!

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