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Monday, June 29, 2009

Easy Travel Equipment Rental is a great company to rent baby equipment from if you are planning on vacationing toMaui, Hawaii. We stayed in Maui for two weeks, and needed to rent some baby equipment. We didn't want the hassle of carrying more stuff then we needed to at a busy airport. Our son, now 15 months, doesn't like to sleep in a playpen; he associates it with play not sleep. We were going to bring our playpen but didn't want too carry it all the way to Maui if our little guy wasn't going to sleep in it. We decided to rent a crib. The price was right and it was well worth the extra few hours of sleep if we can mimic our home environment! Once we arrived in Maui, we realized that the portable high chair we had did not fit on any of the chairs in the condo. As a parent, you know how tired your arms can get holding your little one endlessly and then trying to do a feed at the same time, well that is near impossible.

We rented a car while we were out on the island and car rental companies charge you an arm and a leg for a car seat. Most rental companies will charge you $15 a day for car seat; well Easy Travel only charges $22.00 for the week. We got it for even cheaper. Easy Travel Company delivered both items for free to our condo within the hour. Talk about great service. They were easy to talk to and a great company overall. They set up our crib before we arrived. They make the arrangements with your hotel or rental company. They also pick up the items the day you leave. You don't have to drop anything off! I highly recommend renting bulkier equipment, it's a great investment on saving your arms and sanity.

The crib came with a fitted sheet and bumper. The high chair was very clean and the car seat was great. Visit there website at They have a variety of items you can rent.

High chair Car seat Crib

We got to actually sleep, feed our son in his high chair on the lanai (balcony) while we ate our meals overlooking the ocean. We did a lot of sight seeing with the ease of a car seat without having to carry ours back and forth our original destination.

If you need more information on baby rentals, send me a comment I would be more then happy to send you more information.


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