Newborn swaddle towels !

Monday, August 31, 2009

TinyWiggles is introducing our NewBorn Swaddle Towels. They will be available at a few retail stores shortly! Their is nothing like it on the market as of yet, so we are very proud to introduce them to our readers. The swaddle towels make a perfect gift for any newborn baby!
Here are the details on our Swaddle Towels:

♥TinyWiggles swaddle hooded towel has multiple purposes; it can be used as an after swimming towel and bath towel for baby.

♥ The swaddle hooded towel makes it easier to carry your little one to the change room or from the pool by keeping your little babies feet warm in a toweling pocket. No more little feet hanging out in the cold.

♥ This towel works the same as a swaddle blanket. Place baby into the bottom pocket and simply fold over the flaps on each side and you’re done! Easy to use!

♥ Sizing will vary upon infant/baby. Recommended for babies up to 6 months of age.

New baby change pad/ burpee cloth in designer fabrics!

TinyWiggles is introducing our new line of bur-pee cloth / change pad using designer fabrics by Alexander Henry and Michael Miller. Our burp cloths are made with a 100% cotton print with a terry towel backing. They are big enough to actually cover your clothes, furniture or anything else to avoid those little messes called spit up!This bur-pee is large enough to use as a change pad. You can use for either spit ups or to change baby! Place the change pad on any surface and put baby on soft pad, avoid those dirty surfaces. It rolls up nicely into your diaper bag!

We will also be adding our "go green wipes" to our shop shortly. These wipes will be 5 x 5 inches and are great to use on little noses. We like to use every piece of material we have in our shop and rather then wasting , we thought parents might enjoy and alternative to wet wipes. Stay tuned!

New Washcloths on TinyWiggles!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Giraffe Washcloths for your little wee one:

Giraffe Print Washcloths

We have matching wash mitts !

Teddy Bear Washcloths - makes a great gift.  Simply roll them up and tie them with a nice ribbon, place them in any baby basket and voila!

Teddy Bear Washcloths

We have matching wash mitts and bibs!

Washcloths in Alexander Henry Kleo in Sage

Washcloth for both Mama and Baby

One of our very popular designer prints!

Soon we will be featuring matching bibs, and burp cloths in this print.

Michael Miller's Carnival Bloom

Washcloths for both Mama and Baby

These are my favorite! and seems to be a popular print !

We will also be offering matching bibs, wash mitts and burpees!

You can visit our shop under SHOP TINYWIGGLES !

Creative Baby Proofing Ideas

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My son is now 17 months and has been an active baby since day one. Now a toddler, his curiosity and independence to explore unfamiliar surroundings has made it hard for me to keep up with his little legs.  I had baby proofed part of my home, but hadn't found anything that is reasonably priced that would work for the corner ends of my wooden/metal coffee table. My son loves to use the edges to balance himself and to play peek a boo.    I went to all major department stores, and also checked on line for items that would work to help cushion the fall if he were to tumble.  I spent $20 for 4 cushion tabs for the four corners but my son was able to eventually rip them off.  As well as they never covered the whole entire corner. They would have been great, if they had fit.  I continued to search but everything seems unreasonably priced or shall I say expensive for what you're getting.

That is when I thought of Home depot!  Along with my mother, we arrived at home depot and walked through each isle thinking of items we can use that would work.  We both have creative minds that often work a mile a minute.  We stumble upon the plumbing section and found insulation foam used for pipes in winter. The piping is round with a slit in the middle and has a sticky film that is removable on all furniture, as per the representative at home depot.  We asked the employee if this type of material is dangerous for toddlers, and he said no.  Of course if your toddler rips the foam and swallows , it's dangerous, but we all have common sense to know that  just because you have padding on your table doesn't mean you should leave your little tot unattended. It simply means you don't have to run to catch him slipping and hitting his little chin, head or cracking his lip on the corners from trying to walk.  

Note that if you do go pick up some of this plumbing material, they have sponge corners you can also buy, but they do not work! Unfortunately you must make your own corners with the straight piping by cutting with a scissor.  The piping is cheap and it comes in a variety of sizes which was handy for me, as my table edges and corners are very thick.

Baby proofind 001

Baby proofind 003 

I was also looking for something to use to hold up the strings attached to my blinds, to prevent my son from strangling himself or tugging on the cord and having the blinds fall on him.  The only things I could find you unfortunately had to screw into your wall.  My mother and I decided to go to fabric land and see what we could find in the curtain isle.  We found these metal clips called rod rings and thought of a creative way we can use them.  It's too hard to explain but I took a picture for you to see what I mean.  These rings were not expensive; I bought 8 clip rings for $10.00.  It works well because you can still use your blinds by pulling on the string rather than having to unwind the string each time you adjust your blinds. 

 Wholesale pics 001 

Wholesale pics 004 

Wholesale pics 005 

Bottom line, sometimes you can find creative items to baby proof your home that are not expensive yet useful.

Lady Bugs and Dots Baby Washies Giveaway


White Satin Ribbon is giving away to a lucky TinyWiggles readers a Lady Bugs and Dots Baby Washies. White Satin Ribbon also has a blog that you can visit to see new and upcoming products

White satin ribbon 2

These washies are great and are a perfect gift for any new baby! They're handy and ideal to place in a gift basket and would make any new mama happy. Both washies have hot pink microfiber on one side (ultra soft when wet) and one has a glittery lady bug print and the other has hot pink and lime green polka dots.

White satin ribbon 3

Mini Washies are great for; Bath time!
Dirty faces!
and more...

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Wet Bag Giveaway !

Friday, August 7, 2009

Paisley Baby is a shop that sells great handmade baby items. They are a mother and daughter teams who design and created all the fantastic items which you can see first hand in their shop at I can vouch for how great their bibs are, as I have purchased for my son two bibs, and they are fantastic. I have washed them numerous times and they look the same after each wash. The quality is great and they use beautiful designer fabrics.

Paisley baby have agreed to give TinyWiggles readers a chance to win a small wet bag of their choice.

Our 100% cotton wet bags are lined with waterproof fabric and close with a drawstring. Use one at the beach, the pool or for toting cloth diapers. These bags are perfect for carrying wet and soiled items while keeping the inside of your suitcase, diaper bag, purse or swim bag dry and clean.

The one below is from the new elephant print from Alexander Henry features mother and babies in shades of blue, green and brown. How beautiful is that!!!

Small Wet Bag in Blue Entertaining Elephants

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Teething Toys

Thursday, August 6, 2009

If you're a new parent or currently have a baby that is teething, you are all too familiar with the exhaustive list of never ending teething toys available on the market.  Although exhaustive, it is nice to know that you have many items to choose from in attempting to console your little ones gums. On the other hand, I found it frustrating to find a teething toy that worked for my son.  It is so true when they say every baby is very individual.  What one baby likes another might hate, it doesn't even matter if their siblings!

For example, my son never liked any teething toys.  I tried the ones that have water inside which you stick in the fridge, didn't like those.  I tried freezing a cloth, and tried endless amounts of soothers that claim to massage baby's gums; even Sophie the giraffe, but nothing!  He hated them all.

My son had almost a mouth full of teeth by the time he was 12 months.  After trying endless amounts of teethers, at about 13 months he finally took the teethers that are filled with water and which you can freeze. He also started liking Sophie the Giraffe because she makes a funny squeaking noise. Finally! Just goes to show that you have to try things over and over again. Just because it doesn't work the first, second and even the third time doesn't mean it will never work.  Persistence prevailed!! But a little late. 

I also found that freezing fruit that he can nibble on helped his gums quite a bit. It took the swelling and inflammation down.   Of course I recommend using fruits that your little one can't choke on and of direct supervision.

I have heard from other parents that rubbing your baby's guns can help numb the pain temporarily.  I found that my son chewed on everything but for short periods of time and mostly on his soother.  I was never sure if he was teething because he just liked to put everything his mouth.  He looked at the world like it was one big plate of food.  I have also heard from friends of mine that cold or chilled water bottle helps if your wee one likes water or is on solids.  I found with my son cold purees worked great.  However, that being said there are times when he just rejected every therapy that I supplied.  Like I mentioned before, babies are very interesting beings, although small and not self sufficient they definitely have a mind of their own.  One day they might like something and the next day hate it.  I guess that is why parents like me spend so much money on toys, blankets etc.  You never know what there going to like that you just keep buying, anything to make your little one happy. After all that is what parenting is all about. Trials and error!


In an effort to try and help parents, I have listed in my post a few of the teethers my son liked and ones that friends have recommended.


It's great because babies can hold it in their wee little hands without any problems. It makes squeaky sounds that make your wee one laugh. Sophie's bumpy head helps massage baby's gums. Its light weight, non toxic and easy to hide in a diaper bag.

Sophie the giraffe

My son actually really liked the teether ball for a bout one week and then decided he was no longer interested.  It soft, squishy and easy for babies to grasp in their little hands.  It is washable and it does make a noise when it squeaks. 

Teething ball

My son also chews the railings of his crib, at the time I didn't know anything existed on the market.  The other day I stumble upon this item below. I can't attest to it because I have never tried it but I thought I would list it in case someone has.

 Cushion rail

This is called a KidKusion's Gumni Crib Rail which creates a soft, chewable surface on baby's crib.  It fits all cribs and easy to install with self adhesive strips. 

 These are the teething toys that my son finally took.  They are filled with a non toxic substance and you can stick them in the fridge.  Babies like to chew on the cold spongy part.

Most drug stores and big department stores carry these ones!

Munckin teether

And finally, the cloth teethers!

A friend of mine, her little girl who is 4 months loves to chew on her blanket or clothing or anything she can get her mouth on.  She also doesn't like most teethers that are on the market until she tried a cloth teether. 



This one is called Ringley's Natural Teething Toy

It is made without harmful chemicals and with 100% organic material. Its design so baby can easily grip the teether and can be used wet or dry. 

I also found a cute little teether on by a shop called Bundled.  There teething giraffe is super cute! 

As per Bundled description:

Sweet little giraffe rattles in bold prints make for tons of gentle fun for your little one. Soft cotton fabric bodies are easy for baby to grip, shake and chew. Little jingle bells on the inside and soft fabric loop ears and tail make for a "not to loud" distraction too

Giraffe etsy

You can find this cute little giraffe at .

Customize your order !

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TinyWiggles has added in their shop at a "customize your order" listing.

We can custom make any of the following:Bibs: $ 10.00 Burp Cloths:$8.00 Washcloths: $7.00Washmitts ( mamma or tot) : $7.00Alexander Henry's Kleo in Sage

CUSTOM ORDERSAlexander Henry's 2D Zoo in Sage

CUSTOM ORDERSAlexander Henry's Juicy Jungle in Pastel

CUSTOM ORDERSMichael Miller's Carnival Bloom in Brown

CUSTOM ORDERSDavid Walker's Vehicles in WhiteCUSTOM ORDERS

What other place can you customize your order the way you like it.  This allows you more versatility in gift giving .   Are you already preparing your Christmas stockings? YES , Christmas is just around the corner. Grab what you want now , as I imagine when things get busier during the holiday season there will be less to choose  from.

We will continue to add new swatches to our list. If you have any suggestions in the type of designer fabric you would like to see, let us know. We would love your suggestions.

Stroller Diaper Pouch Giveaway

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Bewbew Designs specializes in well made designer diaper bags and accessories for parents to be ! All of their items are unique, and handmade.

Bewbew Designs has come up with a great idea for parents and their little ones. They have designed what�s called a �diaper stroller pouch�. This product is handcrafted in Vancouver by a great designer in her home studio.

A little bit of information about the �diaper stroller pouch�; it hooks onto your stroller, holds one wipe case and three large size diapers or 2 bottles. It has a magnetic strap closure

The designer�s eye for fashion and great design is what has made this product available to us at Bewbew Designs has done exactly what they set out to do; they have kept the diaper pouch functional, practical and appealing to the eye by using the most fashionable designer materials.

Bewbew Designs has graciously agreed to give a TinyWiggles reader the chance to win the following stroller diaper pouch below.

Diaper Stroller Pouch, Modern Bloom - Buy 2 or more items and get FREE SHIPPING

Visit: post a comment on this blogabout what itemsare your favorite.

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