Reversible Dress For Your Little Princess!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

In the near future TinyWiggles is proud to introduce our new baby and toddler dresses!  An A-line reversible sun dress for baby or toddler.  This is a sneak peak at a sample dress using cotton material in brown pok-a-dots and white swirls.  This cute little dress is currently in production, so you will notice the buttons at the top have not been added yet.  We like to give our readers a glimpse of our shop in action.

Details of the baby dress to come:

The A-line dress is made from two coordinating high quality fabrics, is reversible, has one button on each shoulder strap and can be personalized with the design of your choice.


Tinywiggles aline dress2  

Tinywiggles aline dress3  

Let us know what you think!

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Diaper Stroller Pouch by Bewbew Designs

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Bewbew Designs has come up with a great idea for parents and their little ones. They have designed what’s called a “diaper stroller pouch”. This product is handcrafted in Vancouver by a great designer in her home studio. Her love for fashion and functionality is what led her to her passion thus creating Bewbew Designs.

Diaper Stroller Pouch, Modern Bloom - Buy 2 or more items and get FREE SHIPPING

A little bit of information about the “diaper stroller pouch”; it hooks onto your stroller, holds one wipe case and three large size diapers or 2 bottles. It has a magnetic strap closure. It’s light but sturdy, exactly like the website states.

I was lucky to receive by mail a diaper stroller pouch in Modern Bloom from Bewbew Designs. The owner was very diligent in shipping it quickly. I received it within a week.

I was lucky enough to be able to test this great stroller diaper pouch on my own stroller. I found it to be aesthetically pleasing. I can honestly say I was stopped in a book store at the mall by a mother inquiring as to where I got this small diaper bag accessory for my stroller.

Firstly, let’s talk materials! Before you fall in love with any type of diaper related bag in exotic fabrics, consider the abuse that this bag might take in the next few years. I recommend looking for a fabric that is easy to spot clean and wipe clean. This is why I recommend Bewbew Design’s stroller diaper pouch as well as their diaper bags. It’s made out of waterproof material on the exterior and water resistant on the interior. It is very easy to just wipe clean.

Secondly, let’s talk about style! I find you are limited in choices when it comes to the availability of traveling accessories until I received the diaper pouch from Bewbew Designs. When you consider the amount of time you will be carrying your diaper bag around and your little one, it would be great to be able to purchase a product that resembles the style of a diaper bag but would ease the amount of items you’re carrying it. At times you will need both hands free, and this diaper pouch does just that. It leaves your arms free, and your shoulders will not be sore. Best of all, it looks good on your stroller. I like that it is very practical and stylish at the same time. It fits perfect on the handle of your stroller and it’s not bulky! It doesn’t take up a lot of room yet holds all the essentials that you need.

Thirdly, let’s focus on the features of the stroller diaper pouch. The pouch allows for a good sized bottle or two small ones. My little guy is now 15 months and I was able to fit a 9 ounce bottle inside the bag along with a wipe case, and three diapers. Different occasions call for different items! I was able to put my 9 ounce bottle, 2 diapers, a wipe case and my cell phone in this pouch. On a separate occasion, I was able to fit 2 diapers, wipes and my wallet, and cell phone and a 4 ounce bottle in the pouch. It is very versatile.

090725 045

Fourthly, the diaper pouch closure; I have found most diaper traveling accessories on the market offer zipper tops, fold over, snaps or magnetic closures. Think about when and where you will be using your pouch and whether you will need to reach inside the bag quickly. If so, snap closure like the one Bewbew Designs is way more convenient. Remember that you may be opening and closing it while changing a messy crying baby.

Overall, I found this pouch to very useful and great for stroller walks and traveling. Whether you’re shopping for a trendy diaper bag, or a travel bag to just hold a few key items, Bewbew Designs stroller diaper pouch definitely makes a fashion statement. Diaper bags or diaper accessories are available in endless styles and colors, shapes and price range but what sets this one apart from the rest, there is nothing likes it. What I mean is, these pouches are not mass produced. Once sold the product may never be produced again.

The designer’s eye for fashion and great design is what has made this product available to us at Bewbew Designs has done exactly what they set out to do; they have kept the diaper pouch functional, practical and appealing to the eye by using the most fashionable designer materials.

Bewbew Designs has graciously agreed to give a TinyWiggles reader the chance to win the following stroller diaper pouch below. Stay posted for this giveaway.

Visit for more information on other great products.


Two new reviews just posted! Check them out.  Next review that will be featured in the following week is by Bew Bew Design's  and their new stroller diaper pouch!

Check out their shop in the meantime and let me know what you think!

Gorgeous Baby - Diaper Clutch

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gorgeoubaby is a Canadian company in White Rock, BC specializing in the need for comfortable, stylish & modern baby slings. This great shop is owned by a stay at home mother with a passion for design and fashion.  The owner of Gorgeousbbaby is not only a great designer but has a background in Art & Design.

I received a diaper clutch in modern blue and brown print and received it within a week of ordering it from Gorgeousbaby.   I found this product to be a very useful and practical item.  As a parent I would recommend it as a great gift for any baby shower or simply add it to a baby basket.  Gorgeousbaby’s diaper clutch is very well made and sturdy.  I can open and close it several times and it still keeps its shape, and doesn’t look all worn out.  Gorgeousbaby uses designer fabrics and the most modern prints for all of their handmade items. 

Diaper Clutch by Gorgeousbaby

A little about the diaper clutch; I found it very easy to place 2-3 diapers comfortably in the pouch along with a hard case of wipes.  The Velcro closure keeps all your supplies in one place. The diaper clutch is a great alternative to use if you don’t want to carry around a big diaper bag.  If you’re traveling, it’s a great alternative to having to bring a diaper bag everywhere.

We recently came back from a trip to  Maui  and we used the diaper clutch everyday.  We took daily walks with our umbrella stroller, and as we all know most umbrella strollers do not have much room for storage.  It was great to have the diaper clutch, we simply placed it below our stroller in the very small storage basket and off we went for our walks.  You never know when your baby might have an “accident”, the security of having diapers and wipes on hand is less stressful then having to rush back to change a screaming baby.               

I also find that the diaper clutch makes it easier to contain diapers and wipes in one area in my diaper bag. It has dual purposes in that it can be used by itself, and it can also be placed into a diaper bag.  I am a first time mother and I like to be organized.  I like my diaper bag to be tidy; however I tend to pack too much stuff in it.  I found it to be a pain to ruffle around in my bag to find a diaper at the bottom, with the diaper clutch there is no need to fight with your bag.

Bottom line is Gorgeousbaby has designed a great product – “the diaper clutch” it is both practical and fashionable with its mod brown and blue prints.

Gorgeousbaby also offers to their customers a great selection of slings.

Visit their shop and you will find many other fabulous designs!

Mommy Earth Wet Bags

The owner of Mommy Earth is a work at home mother (WAHM) of two children, a boy and girl.  She loves to sew and is glad to be offering her handmade items to mothers to be, friends and family and everyone in between. Mommy Earth first started offering her wet bags on and has now expanded to offer them on 

 Large Wet Bag (14x20), Michael Miller CAMO, Cloth Diapers, Swim Suits, Gym, Travel

Mommy Earth uses great fabrics and chooses her fabrics based on durability and quality. There are many great things about this shop. I will list them below.

Firstly, the prices are very reasonable, especially for a good quality and fashionable product.

Secondly, the issues of “shipping”, I ordered my large wet bag from Mommy Earth and received it in less then 2 weeks.  I live in Canada, and this shop is located in the United States, 2 weeks is not a long time to wait for a product to arrive.  The owner of Mommy Earth is very diligent in shipping the products as soon as possible to minimize wait times.

Thirdly, why are wet bags useful?  Well, I absolutely love mine.  I bring my wet bag everywhere I go; it’s currently tucked away in my diaper bag.  I don’t use cloth diapers, however I still found the large wet bag to be very good for putting a wet bathing suit or swim diaper inside after my son’s swimming lessons.  It was simple; I placed my son’s wet clothing in the wet bag, and then emptied it directly into the washer.  No mess, no wet residue on my diaper bag.  If you use cloth diapers, I am sure this will help you in many ways.

Fourthly, another good reason to get a wet bag is for all us “ladies” who travel with makeup and shower toiletries. How often have you wrapped your shampoo and conditioner bottle in a plastic bag? You no longer have to do that.  I traveled to Maui and used the wet bag to pack my shampoo and conditioner. I knew that if it did leak, it would not get all over my clothing.  PERFECT!

Fifthly, let’s talk about the quality and description of Mommy Earth’s wet bags. There are two layers sewn separately to prevent “wicking”. The outside layer is made of designer fabric from the Michael Miller and Amy Butler collection. Best of all, if you don’t see a fabric option you like, Mommy Earth has a separate website with more choices you can pick from at  She will customize your order! What a great feature.  The inside layer is made from PROCARE which is a mildew proof and waterproof material.  The wet bag also has a loop which you can use to hang on a door or in the laundry room, ready to go for your next use.

The wet bags in this shop come in all sorts of sizes; small, regular,  and large!

If you are interested in purchasing a wet bag, please visit  . I think this is a fantastic investment and well worth the price. You will use this product for years and years, even when your children outgrow diapers. 

Clothing organizer

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a great idea! When I was pregnant with my son, I was looking for something like this and could not find it anywhere.  Potato Patch has come up with this "closet organizer" and I love the concept and design.  They're adorable clothing dividers.  I would recommend this item to every new parent.  I received so much baby clothing as gifts,  I didn't have enough room to organize it all.  My husband installed a 2 tier shelve in our son's closet and that helped a lot but then it was hard to organized them by size because the clothing is so small , it get all intermingled together.

Clothing Organizer Dividers - Set of 5 Unisex Funny Farm Dividers for boys and girls

I would of loved to have received this as a gift and think this would make a great baby shower gift.  I am buying one before my second baby. 

The description as per Potato Patch's Shop:

Adorable clothing dividers are a must have for any new baby!These handy dividers make it simple to organize your little one's clothes by size as they grow. As a new parent it is overwhelming with the clothes that you receive and buy before the baby arrives. These dividers are printed both sides to make it easy to see and come as a set of five from 0-3, 3-6, 6-12, 12-18 and 18-24 months.


Little Jumping Beans

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little Jumping Beans is a shop started by a stay at home mom named Jaimie who lives in Calgary Alberta.  Jaimie started her company in January 2009 with the idea in mind of designing soft soled shoes for babies and toddlers at a much cheaper price then brand named shoes.  I started browsing through Jaimie’s etsy shop and loved the designer shoes she was creating.   I received in the mail a beautiful pair of boy’s soft soled shoes made with two coordinating fabrics, Ta Dot in evergreen by Michael Miller and Traffic Jam by Alexander Henry.  I thought these two materials looked great together.  Soft soled shoes are great for babies and for those little growing feet.  Pediatricians recommend soft soled shoes because they allow the foot to move as naturally as possible.


What I look for in soft soled shoes; flexibility in the shoe, traction, toe box and the breath ability of shoes, especially for babies. 

Flexibility:  Little Jumping Beans soft soled shoes are very flexible, allowing your child’s feet to bend easily.  This is important because your baby’s feet grow quite rapidly the first few years.  From the time they first learn to crawl to when they start taking steps, flexibility makes a difference. I find if a shoe is too rigid, my little guy refuses to stand.

Traction:  The bottoms of their shoes are fully lined and have a white grippy dot bottom. For my little guy traction in shoes is very important as we have hardwood and tile in our house. The last thing you want when your baby is learning to stand is him slipping and falling.

Toe box:  What I mean by toe box is the top of the shoe.  Little babies need lots of room for their chubby toes to move. It’s important for them to have flexibility in the toe box area to wiggle their toes around.  Funny enough their toes grow rapidly also. It’s not a good shoe if it squishes their toes.  Little Jumping Beans shoes are very flexible; just make sure you get the right size.

Breathability:  Many people think leather is the best shoe for breathability, I can’t comment on that since I am not an expert but what I can say from experience is that Little Jumping Beans fabric shoes are perfect.  I took them on my vacation to Maui and they worked great.  I used them as slippers without socks due to the warm weather.  I thought this was a perfect alternative to provide sun protect ion to my little guy's feet.

Jaimie at Little Jumping Beans was very pleasant to talk to, and was very accommodating.   She answered all my questions about sizing and offered to make custom shoes for my son.  This etsy shop has great customer service. When I received my little shoes in the mail, they were wrapped in a nice plastic with a little thank you card as a personal touch.  Those little extra things are what separate Little Jumping Beans from other shoe companies.

 I highly recommend these soft sole shoes to anyone.

 Little Jumping Beans has agreed to participate in a giveaway and will be giving a $15.00 gift certificate to our readers.


If you would like to participate in a Product Review please email  us at :  . Please note that we do not post the reviews for at least a month.  We do this so we can properly review the product.  After we have reviewed your product we will also provide you with advertising for a month on our blog.

**** Reviews are opinions only


Little Jumping Beans


Little Jumping Beansis a great Etsy shop that specializes in makingsoft soled shoes for babies and toddlers.Little Jumping Beans has offered to participate in a giveaway on TinyWiggles and has generously agreed to give our readers a chance to win a $15.00 gift certificate to purchase their favorite shoes.

Who Who's Cute - Owl Soft Soled Baby Shoes - Slippers - 12-18 months The Big Apple - Soft Soled Baby Shoes - Slippers - 0-6 months Sweet Pea - Soft Soled Baby Shoes - Slippers - 0-6 months Now I Know My ABC'S - Soft Soled Baby Shoes - Slippers - 6-12 months Soft Soled Mary Janes - The Ava - You Pick Size

Description as per Little Jumping Beans Shop:

These soft soled babies shoes are pefect for little growing feet!

Your pair will be custom made to fit your babies feet with grippy dot bottom for non-slip.

Newborn - sole is under 4" long
3-6 months- sole is 4" long
6-12 months - sole is 4.5" long
12-18 months - sole is 5" long

To Enter:

Visit: post a comment on this blogabout whichshoes are your favorite.

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Minky Blankies !

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Minky Blankies coming soon to our TinyWiggles Shop. You can see a preview of one of our new minky blankies with designer fabric from the Hoffman collection. We love the "minky blanket" so it is back by popular demand. What's great about it, it has all sorts of ribbon in which you can attach toys, or simply for keeping your little baby or toddler busy. They also make a great gift !

This is a snap shot of one of our new minky blankets that is not yet available in our shop, however we thought we would give our readers a preview and see if you like it!

Ribbon blanket

This one hasn't even been sewn yet but gives you a little inside look into our shop! Hope you like it!

Send us some feedback,we would love to hear from you. We also do custom orders!

Happy Strap Giveaway

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kewt Kids is a great Etsy shop that specializes in making a variety of items that are useful for both babies and toddlers. Kewt Kids has offered to participate in a giveaway on TinyWiggles and has generously agreed to give our readers a chance to win one of their limited edition Happy Straps.

Kewt kids pic

Descriptions per Kewt Kids Shop:

Keep your little one's bottle/cup/toy off the ground and within reach with this handy leash. Stop picking that toy up over and over again.

Attach strap to stroller/highchair/swing/shopping cart etc. by looping around on itself or use a toy ring to attach (not included).

100% cotton front with embossed suede lining. Machine washable. Velcro closure.

Simple design allows it to tighten over most bottles/cups that measure 6-8" around. Can also be used to attach to toys or teethers.

To Enter:

Visit: or and post a comment on this blog about what is your favorite item !

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    Designer Diaper Bag Tote

    As you all know I love shopping and looking for items that I think are appealing and fashionable. I was searching Etsy as I usually do for items that I would like to feature on my website and stumbled upon a Canadian company called BewbewDesign's.  They have the greatest A-line designer bags I have seen !

    This Diaper Bag Tote has extra features that make it a very practical and useful for everyday use.  Some of the great features are;

    1.)  Waterproof exterior made out of premium vinyl.

    2.)  The inside has water resistant lining.

    3.)  One of my favorite features - it can be carried as a handheld or you can adjust the straps to convert it into a shoulder tote.

    4.) Best part! - It has 4 interior pockets to organize all your goodies.

    5.)  It also has many extras, another reason why this bag is so great!  It has magnetic snap closure , which makes it easy to open and close especially if your hands are full. It also has 4 metal feet at the bottom - great idea!

    The designer at Bewbew design's has taken a lot of time into making sure the items in her store are well made, fashionable and are versatile which is evident in the diaper bag tote.

    A-Line Designer Diaper Bag Tote ,Modern Bloom- Buy any 2 or more items and get FREE SHIPPING

    Visit : or  to purchase this bag.

    Bewbew design's also has a blog you can visit at .

    New Chat Room on TinyWiggles !

    Monday, July 6, 2009

    In the next few weeks TinyWiggles will have a new section called "Mama Chat Room" !  We thought this would be a great way to interact with our readers.  This section will have "questions and answer" to questions posted by parents.  The great thing about the "Mama Chat Room" is that any one can post questions, and anyone can answer.  As a new parent and experienced parent, you can never receive too much advice.    Forums are great because there are a valuable resources to parents. 

    We will be posting the Rule and Regulations to our New Chat Room !  Please post comments on whether you think this would be a valuable tool!


    Wednesday, July 1, 2009

    Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian Readers!  I hope everyone has fun with their families today, it looks like it's going to be a warm day in Calgary Alberta today, or lets hope so !