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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The owner of Mommy Earth is a work at home mother (WAHM) of two children, a boy and girl.  She loves to sew and is glad to be offering her handmade items to mothers to be, friends and family and everyone in between. Mommy Earth first started offering her wet bags on and has now expanded to offer them on 

 Large Wet Bag (14x20), Michael Miller CAMO, Cloth Diapers, Swim Suits, Gym, Travel

Mommy Earth uses great fabrics and chooses her fabrics based on durability and quality. There are many great things about this shop. I will list them below.

Firstly, the prices are very reasonable, especially for a good quality and fashionable product.

Secondly, the issues of “shipping”, I ordered my large wet bag from Mommy Earth and received it in less then 2 weeks.  I live in Canada, and this shop is located in the United States, 2 weeks is not a long time to wait for a product to arrive.  The owner of Mommy Earth is very diligent in shipping the products as soon as possible to minimize wait times.

Thirdly, why are wet bags useful?  Well, I absolutely love mine.  I bring my wet bag everywhere I go; it’s currently tucked away in my diaper bag.  I don’t use cloth diapers, however I still found the large wet bag to be very good for putting a wet bathing suit or swim diaper inside after my son’s swimming lessons.  It was simple; I placed my son’s wet clothing in the wet bag, and then emptied it directly into the washer.  No mess, no wet residue on my diaper bag.  If you use cloth diapers, I am sure this will help you in many ways.

Fourthly, another good reason to get a wet bag is for all us “ladies” who travel with makeup and shower toiletries. How often have you wrapped your shampoo and conditioner bottle in a plastic bag? You no longer have to do that.  I traveled to Maui and used the wet bag to pack my shampoo and conditioner. I knew that if it did leak, it would not get all over my clothing.  PERFECT!

Fifthly, let’s talk about the quality and description of Mommy Earth’s wet bags. There are two layers sewn separately to prevent “wicking”. The outside layer is made of designer fabric from the Michael Miller and Amy Butler collection. Best of all, if you don’t see a fabric option you like, Mommy Earth has a separate website with more choices you can pick from at  She will customize your order! What a great feature.  The inside layer is made from PROCARE which is a mildew proof and waterproof material.  The wet bag also has a loop which you can use to hang on a door or in the laundry room, ready to go for your next use.

The wet bags in this shop come in all sorts of sizes; small, regular,  and large!

If you are interested in purchasing a wet bag, please visit  . I think this is a fantastic investment and well worth the price. You will use this product for years and years, even when your children outgrow diapers. 

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