Diaper Stroller Pouch by Bewbew Designs

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Bewbew Designs has come up with a great idea for parents and their little ones. They have designed what’s called a “diaper stroller pouch”. This product is handcrafted in Vancouver by a great designer in her home studio. Her love for fashion and functionality is what led her to her passion thus creating Bewbew Designs.

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A little bit of information about the “diaper stroller pouch”; it hooks onto your stroller, holds one wipe case and three large size diapers or 2 bottles. It has a magnetic strap closure. It’s light but sturdy, exactly like the website states.

I was lucky to receive by mail a diaper stroller pouch in Modern Bloom from Bewbew Designs. The owner was very diligent in shipping it quickly. I received it within a week.

I was lucky enough to be able to test this great stroller diaper pouch on my own stroller. I found it to be aesthetically pleasing. I can honestly say I was stopped in a book store at the mall by a mother inquiring as to where I got this small diaper bag accessory for my stroller.

Firstly, let’s talk materials! Before you fall in love with any type of diaper related bag in exotic fabrics, consider the abuse that this bag might take in the next few years. I recommend looking for a fabric that is easy to spot clean and wipe clean. This is why I recommend Bewbew Design’s stroller diaper pouch as well as their diaper bags. It’s made out of waterproof material on the exterior and water resistant on the interior. It is very easy to just wipe clean.

Secondly, let’s talk about style! I find you are limited in choices when it comes to the availability of traveling accessories until I received the diaper pouch from Bewbew Designs. When you consider the amount of time you will be carrying your diaper bag around and your little one, it would be great to be able to purchase a product that resembles the style of a diaper bag but would ease the amount of items you’re carrying it. At times you will need both hands free, and this diaper pouch does just that. It leaves your arms free, and your shoulders will not be sore. Best of all, it looks good on your stroller. I like that it is very practical and stylish at the same time. It fits perfect on the handle of your stroller and it’s not bulky! It doesn’t take up a lot of room yet holds all the essentials that you need.

Thirdly, let’s focus on the features of the stroller diaper pouch. The pouch allows for a good sized bottle or two small ones. My little guy is now 15 months and I was able to fit a 9 ounce bottle inside the bag along with a wipe case, and three diapers. Different occasions call for different items! I was able to put my 9 ounce bottle, 2 diapers, a wipe case and my cell phone in this pouch. On a separate occasion, I was able to fit 2 diapers, wipes and my wallet, and cell phone and a 4 ounce bottle in the pouch. It is very versatile.

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Fourthly, the diaper pouch closure; I have found most diaper traveling accessories on the market offer zipper tops, fold over, snaps or magnetic closures. Think about when and where you will be using your pouch and whether you will need to reach inside the bag quickly. If so, snap closure like the one Bewbew Designs is way more convenient. Remember that you may be opening and closing it while changing a messy crying baby.

Overall, I found this pouch to very useful and great for stroller walks and traveling. Whether you’re shopping for a trendy diaper bag, or a travel bag to just hold a few key items, Bewbew Designs stroller diaper pouch definitely makes a fashion statement. Diaper bags or diaper accessories are available in endless styles and colors, shapes and price range but what sets this one apart from the rest, there is nothing likes it. What I mean is, these pouches are not mass produced. Once sold the product may never be produced again.

The designer’s eye for fashion and great design is what has made this product available to us at www.bewbewdesigns.etsy.com. Bewbew Designs has done exactly what they set out to do; they have kept the diaper pouch functional, practical and appealing to the eye by using the most fashionable designer materials.

Bewbew Designs has graciously agreed to give a TinyWiggles reader the chance to win the following stroller diaper pouch below. Stay posted for this giveaway.

Visit www.bewbewdesigns.etsy.com for more information on other great products.

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