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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gorgeoubaby is a Canadian company in White Rock, BC specializing in the need for comfortable, stylish & modern baby slings. This great shop is owned by a stay at home mother with a passion for design and fashion.  The owner of Gorgeousbbaby is not only a great designer but has a background in Art & Design.

I received a diaper clutch in modern blue and brown print and received it within a week of ordering it from Gorgeousbaby.   I found this product to be a very useful and practical item.  As a parent I would recommend it as a great gift for any baby shower or simply add it to a baby basket.  Gorgeousbaby’s diaper clutch is very well made and sturdy.  I can open and close it several times and it still keeps its shape, and doesn’t look all worn out.  Gorgeousbaby uses designer fabrics and the most modern prints for all of their handmade items. 

Diaper Clutch by Gorgeousbaby

A little about the diaper clutch; I found it very easy to place 2-3 diapers comfortably in the pouch along with a hard case of wipes.  The Velcro closure keeps all your supplies in one place. The diaper clutch is a great alternative to use if you don’t want to carry around a big diaper bag.  If you’re traveling, it’s a great alternative to having to bring a diaper bag everywhere.

We recently came back from a trip to  Maui  and we used the diaper clutch everyday.  We took daily walks with our umbrella stroller, and as we all know most umbrella strollers do not have much room for storage.  It was great to have the diaper clutch, we simply placed it below our stroller in the very small storage basket and off we went for our walks.  You never know when your baby might have an “accident”, the security of having diapers and wipes on hand is less stressful then having to rush back to change a screaming baby.               

I also find that the diaper clutch makes it easier to contain diapers and wipes in one area in my diaper bag. It has dual purposes in that it can be used by itself, and it can also be placed into a diaper bag.  I am a first time mother and I like to be organized.  I like my diaper bag to be tidy; however I tend to pack too much stuff in it.  I found it to be a pain to ruffle around in my bag to find a diaper at the bottom, with the diaper clutch there is no need to fight with your bag.

Bottom line is Gorgeousbaby has designed a great product – “the diaper clutch” it is both practical and fashionable with its mod brown and blue prints.

Gorgeousbaby also offers to their customers a great selection of slings.

Visit their shop and you will find many other fabulous designs!

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