Saturday, May 16, 2009

TinyWiggles introduces a new swaddle hooded towel ! We have received very positive feedback and hope our customers find it useful. We are always open to suggestion on how to improve our products.

Swaddle Hooded Towel


* This towel has multiple purposes, it can be used as an after swimming towel, bath towel, and can also be used just to keep the little munchkin warm! *

* It's easier to carry your little one to the change room from the pool in a swaddle towel! Place your little one straight into this towelling pocket and cuddle them dry ! No more fussing around with a standard hooded towel *

* This towel works the same as a swaddle blanket. Place baby into the bottom pocket and simply fold over the flaps on each side and your done ! * Easy to use !

Please leave a COMMENT if you would be interested in TinyWiggles posting a giveaway on our site for our new hooded towel! When we reach 50 comments, we will post a giveaway to our readers !

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Kari said...

Great product. I'm looking forward to the giveaway.

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