The Woombie

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Please welcome the Woombie to !

Recommended by Doctors, Nurses, Doulas & Countless Moms & Dads!
Swaddle your baby Safely and Effectively with The Woombie ... designed to ease your mind and comfort your baby so you may both achieve a better nights sleep. The Woombie is the safest & most NATURAL way to Swaddle your baby, encouraging baby to softly stretch extremities as needed, just like in the womb. The Woombie comforts, softly confines arms & gently compresses baby's unique curves to hug baby... preventing Startling issues, face scratching, overheating and also preventing dangerous loose unraveled blankets from covering baby's face.

No more worry of blankets unraveling which can lead to potential blanket suffocation.
No face scratching or Startle Reflex to awaken baby.
See a marked improvement in Colic symptoms.
Effective swaddling without the need to tightly restrain baby.
Prevents overheating due to over-wrapping. (Overheating is linked to SIDS)
Great peanut shaped ergonomic design. Hugs the shoulders/arms, waist/abdomen, hips and feet.
Babies sleep an average12-18 hours a day or more! Allowing movement is healthy and allows for proper motor development.

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