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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This would make a great gift !!!!!!!

Gudonya bar soap is made with moisturizing oils of Palm and Safflower, added to oils of Coconut & Castor for luxurious lather. Extra glycerin is incorporated for smooth & silky texture. We scented this bar with...TOASTED COCONUT PINEAPPLE FUZION -- This sent mingles fresh juicy pineapple with lots of toasty yummy coconut to cut the super fruity and make things so mellow yet so distinct.

Gudonya Half Round Bar Soap -- Toasted Coconut Pineapple FUZION Scent-- vegan

I'll be honest just their photography makes me want to buy their soaps. This soap looks amazing so I thought I would share it with my readers.  Visit this shop at .

GudonyaToo sMOOchy (tm) All Over Skin Exfoliator and Conditioner - Wild Blackberry


I love the wrapping! I am going to have to try one of these.  I think this would make a great mama gift for all the mom's out-here.  Who doesn't love to take a relaxing tub and then lather up in a smoochy bar.  They have this one scent that sound fantastic.

GudonyaToo sMOOchy (tm) All Over Skin Exfoliator and Conditioner - Island CoconutIsland Coconut--A true sweet Coconut, not sugary or candy smelling, just true unadulterated Coconut fragrance!Rich, Musky and Refreshing...Get out the hammock, the COOL drink and RELAX .

They couldn't' put it better themselves, " Rub your smoochy all over yourself, then rinse with water only. (If even the salt is too aggressive for you, simply rub the smoochy on your hands, then rub your hands on your body.) Step out and dry. That's it! It'll leave your body sMOOchably soft and lightly fragranced. You won't even need any lotion."

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Piera-Jolly Mom said...

These soaps do look fabulous! Great find : )

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