Canadian Feed The Children

Sunday, May 30, 2010

TinyWiggles is proud to support the Canadian Feed The Children in their upcoming fundraiser.

The Canadian Feed The Children is hosting an event at the Bata Shoe Museum (, an award-winning venue downtown Toronto. They donate the space every year and also invite some of their own constituents.

Every year they have a photography exhibit, highlighting the work of The Canadian Feed The Children work around the world. They programs in Canada, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Haiti, Bolivia and Ethiopia. This year it will include a short speech from our Haitian Country Representative who will speak about his experience of the recent earthquake, and the work that Canadian Feed The Children does in Haiti. THey will also be presenting four awards to our top supporters in 2009 – recognizing volunteers, community organizers, corporate supporters and key contributors.

Their will be a small ‘international marketplace staged to create the feel of a market perhaps in Africa or Bolivia. Everything will be quality and interesting artisan pieces. There will be some jewelry, textiles, baskets, carvings, bags, baby items and more. All proceeds will support Canadian Feed The Children and our many child-centred programs.

Please check out the Canadian Feed the Children and donate for a good cause.

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