TinyWiggles Wash Mitts Scrap Pile

Sunday, May 30, 2010

We currently have mom wash mitts in stock that are yellow and green which would be perfect for washing floors ect. We have added bold colors and all designer fabrics to our line. However that being said we are offering our old stock, which is good quality just not as fancy of material for a very low price.

These mitts can be used for anything ! I even set a pair aside to use, to wash my hard wood floor much easier then a rag. If you are interested in purchasing our old stock , please send me an email at michellegrenier@tinywiggles.com.

We are offering the old stock washmitts at $10.00 for a bundle of 4 pairs ( 2 mitts are included in each pair). This is well below cost of making them. The price does not include shipping .

Thank you and welcome our new stock!

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