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Monday, December 15, 2008

The first day you brought your little baby home was the best day of your life.  I bet you wished you could of stayed in the hospital just one more day to get the hang of parenthood or what is awaiting you when you get home. Sleepless night !  Caring for your newborn child might be an intimidating task for new parents. What is even more intimidating is giving your little one a bath, so fragile and so little.

Think of how easier it would be to snuggle your newborn baby if you had a swaddle towel to put him or her directly inside right after a warm bath. A baby towel that keeps the little wiggler warm.

If your not a new parent and you got a handle on things, well a swaddle towel would just make your life easier.  Keep checking this blog, this product is coming to a local retailer soon.

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