Baby Sleep Sacks, Baby Snugglers

Monday, December 15, 2008

What are they? and Where can you find them?

This can all be overwhelming to the new parent. So many choices in baby clothing, baby bottles , baby this and baby that and now sleepsacks!

What are they? They are a safe alternative to baby bedding. It's a sleeping bag for a baby. Many places sell them and they are made very well so your sweet little boy or girl doesn't overheat. There are so many to choose from, summer and winter ones, different togs (meaning different thickness in material).

Rather then searching the web endlessly on no sleep , here are some of the great ones on the market today.


  • Swaddle Me
  • Snug and Tug Swaddling
  • Grobag Swaddling
  • Precious Little Angel
  • Miracle Blanket
  • Cozy Cocoon
  • Swaddleaze
  • BigMuz

Hope that helps your search for the best sleep sack for your baby !

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