What goes in the diaper bag?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Their are great resources out there for the new parent who needs extra tips on what to put in"the diaper bag".  After all you never had to carry one of these bags around before. 

Be prepared, getting out the door !

You're most likely all familiar with the dreadful scene of being away from the house and no more diapers in the diaper bag. It has happened to all of us. Or you forgot to pack a snack, a bottle or a soother. Assembling a diaper bag is not rocket science but if packed properly it sure could ease the stress of a crying baby!

What's in the diaper bag?

Diapers, changing pad, baby wipes, bottle water (optional but sometimes is nice to have), diaper cream, Ziploc baggies for disposal of the dirty diaper or other wet messes, change of clothes, feeding supplies, bibs, two clean pacifiers, favourite toy, teething toy, spit up cloth (burp cloth), baby Tylenol, extra blanket and if you still have room ,  a little first aid kit.

Diaper bags aren't just for babies, toddlers need them too.  Even bigger kids require snacks, and portable distractions etc.  Another good idea, you can leave this bag in your car, it's called the " portable distraction bag".  Bring crayons, drawing pad, stuffed animal, favourite toy, books etc, what ever your little tot likes at home.

Trunk essentials:

Here are some good items to stick in your trunk for emergencies if you have room: Wipes, diaper cream, changing pad, more diapers, burp rags, and another change  of clothes, blankie, anything you think your baby or toddler might need.

Goodluck !

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