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Sunday, March 22, 2009

This months issue of Today's Parent has a few great finds for cool products on the market.   The first one that I will mention has to do with storage.  If your looking for a trendy but cute idea to store toys and stuff animals for your little tot, check out the website:  It's called storage in a bag and it goes for about $99.00.

Another idea for baby bumpers but a safer alternative can be found at  There trendy and cute ! However they are  a bit pricey for $66.00.  I found this in 120 Best Products for Mom and Baby magazine.

Babies and their teeth !  Everyone tells you how important it is to brush your babies first teeth even though they will get more teeth but all of us know how hard it is.  Babies don't like their mouths wipe let alone their teeth brushed. It's a two parent job.  However , there is a new type of toothbrush out on the market, well it's not even a toothbrush, there called tooth tissues.  You can find them at  They are meant to clean babies mouth once a day. A quick wipe and your done. 

Another cute one but  not necessarily something you need but great too look at !  A Babba cover which protects baby from harsh weather.  You can find it at 


Lastly if your looking for something simply adorable for your newborn to wear, you can find great blankets and accessories at



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