Bento fun classes and products survey

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We have just ordered a bunch of  bento products to make mealtime fun like egg molds, silicone cooking molds - there not for sale yet, we are testing their effectiveness.  We were going to offer short video clips on our blog, like a cooking class but online -showing how to use the products and different ideas. Is this something that you think people would be interested in? We are hoping to start offering the products and videos by June 2012 but want to know how much interest there is as this would be a big investment as you have to mass order these products. Thanks ladies for your honest feedback! We are putting a tiny survey together on our blog at - to log the interest we get if people could comment that would be great.

These are just some of the test products we have ordered. We have not put an mass order in as we are testing the products first. 

What is Bento?
To put it simply little ideas to perk up your kids lunches and make them fun!! (using bento accessories and tools)

What we need you to comment on?
1. Is there a need for this?
2. Would you be interested in this?
3. Would you view the videos and buy the products?

Thank you for your time everyone!!

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