The Woombie !

Sunday, March 6, 2011

We have currently sold out of all our CONVERTIBLE WOOMBIES AND LEGGIES! We just wanted to let our customers know we have put in an order and we will be getting lots more.

They have limited stock for the most popular Woombie, therefore we ordered a size bigger, hopefully that will still work for everyone. Delivery usually takes approximately 12 days.

Convertible- Arms open to convert to an arms-free sleep sack when the time arises to transiton baby. Cotton/Spandex blend. Fabric stretchy, relaxed neck line. Offers a 2way Zipper and snap at the chin flap area.

Our Original woombie with arms that can open to convert to arms-free sleep when it is time. Fabric stretchy. Also allowing freedom for legs for use in elevated sleepers, seats, swings and strollers.Offers a 2way Zipper.

•Arms open to convert to "Arms Free" sleep sack when the time arises
•Legs free to allow for use in swings and seats
•Not for use in car seat in the closed swaddle position, arms must be out and positioned in car seat normally, allowing the seatbelt to be in full 5 point restraint

They are so popular we suggest you keep checking in as they sell out very quickly.

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