Monday, February 15, 2010

As per My Four Monkeys:

My Four Monkeys

Don't you just love those soft, warm hooded towels for infants? I used to love to wrap my little freshly washed babies up and cuddle them close after a bath, taking a moment to enjoy that clean baby smell. It is still one of my favorite memories from when the kiddos were all newborns and infants. With Luke well into the toddler years now, those cuddling after a bath moments are few and far it seems. He does lay still for a few minutes and let me lotion him, but not for long! :) Tiny Wiggles has everything you need to make all these bath time memories even more precious. From minky hooded bath towels to fun Mom and Tot Wash Mitts, Tiny Wiggles has bath time covered.

We received a set of their Brown Monkey Mom and Tot Wash Mitts to review. It's a set of two wash mitts, one for mommy and one sized just right for those little toddler hands. It was so cute watching Luke try to mimic me by washing himself! Ours were made from brown terry cloth towel and embellished with a fun monkey ribbon just perfect for My Four Monkeys. Each mitt also has a hanging loop which I loved. This made it easy to store in the bath tub on a hook and also made for quick drying.

Ours have been used and washed a few times now, and the ribbon embellishment is so far showing no signs of fraying and wear. These are fabulous, and would also make great gifts! These Mom and Tot Wash Mitts retail for $7 (US), and you can find them online at or in their etsy shop at Keep in mind that Tiny Wiggles is Canada based and all prices at are Canadian.

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