Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I received in the mail a beautiful diaper cover for my son made by Adorabumz. This is the best diaper cover I have seen on the market in a long time and it is reasonably priced. My son is 17months and still leaks through all his diapers. He is a very active baby, he loves to walk and crawl all over the place. I have yet to find a diaper that prevents leakage in the leg area. In an effort to save clothing, and bed sheets, I have invested in numerous types of diaper covers. Many of the diaper covers on the market do work, however I found Adorabumz covers to be the best suited for my son. I put a diaper cover on my son at night and this keeps his sleeper and sheets dry. Adorabumz makes great covers, and they are made from a very breathable material.

They’re very trendy and I love the different fabrics you can choose from. They are very versatile in that they offer great coverage and last a long time. The diaper covers have 3 snaps on each side for adjustability. What a great feature! I am only on the first set of snaps; I have two more to go before he outgrows it. I hope by then, that it will be time to begin the journey of potty training. The diaper covers are designed to fit snuggly around the legs, and that is just what they do. I suggest you visit Adorabumz shop and read the description provided for the diaper covers. I found it very useful.

I also found that Adorabumz diaper covers wash really well and they still look new after every wash. I have washed mine several times in the one month period from when I first received my diaper cover and it still looks great. It is very evident that Adorabumz takes great pride in their work to provide a good quality and durable product.

Adorabumz recommends their diaper covers for daytime use; however I can honestly say they are great at night also. Adorabumz is also known for their great customer service and is more then willing to help you find a diaper size that is suitable for your child. The owner of Adorabumz answered all my questions and gave me great feedback before I made my decision on sizing. Adorabumz has also agreed to take part in a giveaway for our readers, which will be posted in the next few months. Stay posted for this great giveaway.

Visit: http://adorabumz.com

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