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Thursday, January 8, 2009

If your look around to get the scoop on good baby products or what other mom's and dad's have posted about some of the products on the market, here are some useful websites.

BabyScoop : - This site has great information. It has review on products and you can also post your own comments on this site. It was created by two moms that wanted to make it easier for parents to find good information all in one location.

You can also try: Consumer Reports at

Car Seat Recalls:  For Canada only

Online Forums

On line forums that have all sorts of advice from finding good innovative new products on the market, to baby advice to places where it's baby friendly. Most of these forums are Canadian based.

Sit yourself in front of your fireplace and these forums are like a good book.  Read away and take in as much information as you can.  Often times, it's cheaper to read through these forums then buying large amounts of how to books!  and it saves time.

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Christina said...

Thank you so much for posting as a great info site for your readers. We really appreciate it.
We also have a sister site called, where moms share local info with other moms (
Please have a look and let us know what you think.
Thank you again.

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